Free Custom «Memorizing My Early Education» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Memorizing My Early Education» Essay Paper

Education defines the process of learning and acquiring knowledge. Education is divided into two types’ formal education which is learnt in a school environment and informal education which is acquired through life experiences. Education should involve a two way exchange of ideas and knowledge where teachers communicates ideas and give opportunities to students to engage in critical thinking to bring about understanding and application of the knowledge. Moreover, teachers should allow students to make their contribution in order to make education have real significance to them.

The banking concept of education is founded on the concept that students act like banks for receiving, filing and storing deposits made by the teachers. In this education concept the teachers deliver knowledge to students who meekly receive, accept and memorize it. The teachers consider themselves imparted with knowledge while they regard students as unknowledgeable. Through portraying the ignorance of students, teachers reveal an aspect of oppression which challenges education and learning as an inquiry process (Freire 1).

The banking education has practices attitudes that portray oppressive society through situations such as; teachers having to teach students, students having to comply with what teachers teach and teachers acting as subject of learning process while students are perceived as just objects. This concept is oppressive to students since it tries to minimize their imaginative power. The oppressors within the education system use humanitarianism means towards their own gains and are against any practicality in education system that seeks to uncover critical realities about the world. In this case the main concern of the oppressors in banking education concept is in altering the thoughts of the oppressed and not the condition that makes them to be oppressed. To accomplish this oppressors use paternalistic social action and banking education whereby the oppressed are given welfare recipients and are marginalized as deviating from society’s pattern (Freire 3).

The banking education concept does not give students room to critical thinking but rather emphasizes on understanding what is taught and therefore the humanism in this concept make an suggestion to turn men into machines. The use of the banking education concept knowingly or unknowingly fails to recognize what is handed over by teachers might lead to disagreements with the reality in many cases. These disagreements might make the previously inactive students to question their teachers. The student may recognize that through their understanding that reality is actually a process undergoing continuous change. Since men have humanization on ontological vocation they will at sometime recognize the disagreements with the banking education concept and liberate them from the system.

The banking education concept is understood to be a dichotomy involving man and the world where man is in this world as bystander not a re-creator. From this concept students are perceived as less conscious with an empty mind waiting passively to obtain deposits of reality of the outside world. From the banking concept opinion of consciousness is that the role of teachers is to control the world get to be understood by students. Teacher’s therefore has the role of organizing the process of “filling” students by depositing information in the minds of students which represent knowledge (Freire 5). As students receive the passive entities of this world they tend to adapt more to the world. Students are better suited to the world and the banking education concept is best fit to the world of oppressors which they cannot question.

The theory and practice of banking education operates in manner that deprives the majority their own choices regarding their purposes at the interest of the dominant minority. The more wholly the majority adjusts to the intentions of the domineering minority the more easily the minority control them. The use of education as portrayal of dominion emphasizes the inexperience of the students which is utilized by educators to fulfill their oppressive goals. The banking education concept is more dehumanizing and cannot provide true liberation and understanding of the real world by preventing students from making enquiries. This education system regards students as mere objects who cannot make decisions on their own (Freire 4).

My education system was similar to the banking concept of education, which considers education as the act of depositing into vessels called students with the teacher as the depositor. The problem such an education system was its failure to recognize that learning is a two way process where both the teacher and the students work together to contribute to the learning process. The domination by teachers and denial of opportunity to select the subject of my choice affected my choice of career. Teachers play a major role in influencing the understanding of different subject to students and therefore having a weak teacher in science subjects will influence a student’s choice of science related career in future. In my situation my choice of an engineering career was influenced having a good foundation in physics in secondary school. A notable weakness of my education system was the overreliance on handouts, narration and dictation of notes. This mode of teaching failed to provide room for dialogue which is essential for understanding of a number of subjects.

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My education system had oppressive practices such as teachers purported to know everything while student knew nothing, teachers made choices and enforced their choice on the students, teachers have the dominion in punishing students, and teachers were regarded as the subject to the learning process while the pupils are objects. Moreover students are required to accept as true all ideas from he teachers without question.

Good education system should allow opportunities for creativity and questioning the ideas given by their teachers. This will give them room for personal development in transforming the world rather than just acting as receptacles to receive what is deposited by their teachers. A good education concept should give students room to engage in critical judgment and search of truth and reality through use of their creative abilities. Teachers should also work in partnership with students in order for them to accept input from students. In an ideal education system knowledge should be transferred by invention and re-invention through giving opportunities to students inquires and presents their own views so that a common understanding can be achieved.

A good education system should practice of freedom rather than dominion which deny students independence in understanding the world. Education system should have a human perspective with promotion of dialogue between the teachers and the students where both feel they contribute mutually to the learning process. An ideal education system should consider students as conscious beings eager to understand the reality of where teachers are willing to provide a conducive environment.



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