Free Custom «Masculinity and Sexuality in High School» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Masculinity and Sexuality in High School» Essay Paper

On Mr. Cougar, I think the writing is on the contentious issue that is seldom discussed in public. The matter of sexual relations amongst young people is a contentious one and I believe the writer is tackling it in the right way. The issue to my understanding has been in the contest for many years. The matter of teenagers and sexuality is a fact that to my knowledge has been researched by many scholars but they have never presented it as it has been presented in the article being discussed. The presentation is precise in writing as the writing tours across the board on this matter and what makes it wonderful is that it starts by bringing the reader into the world of understanding the matter of teenage sexuality and in the real sense the writing is trying to give it a different perspective. The matter to my understanding has a clear definition in terms of the topic and has relevancy when he states that sexuality always starts when the child joins the school and is not a matter of teenage age only. Therefore, to some extent, the writing is right when it is written that the educational system is partly to be blamed for sexuality. This is a matter that has not been well discussed in the school system and to my knowledge, the author has decided to tackle it from a front that is affected and that is the teenagers themselves. After reading the literature, I realized that the literature in the writing is also relevant as the writing tries to justify author’s points by writing about River High and the sexuality ritual in the institution. Taking an institution head on in my view is something that not many writers have accomplished and therefore it is a good way of tackling the aforementioned matter. The case example of the high school is a fantastic one since the writing clearly argues the fact that he made earlier about schools being involved in sexuality and this time round, he argues precisely by providing an institution that had shunned sexuality and this is why he thinks that the institutions are part to blame since the students who come from River High are well behaved. This is to my understanding a clear way of creating a mental picture, as there is the creation of a valid point of argument. This therefore, gives the writer thumbs up in terms of sense.

To my understanding, the writer tried to infuse the fact that the society should not blame the matter of teenage sexuality primarily in the teenagers but should also diversify its outlook and look at new possibilities. The writing cites instances that clearly depict girls as the price of several contests in institutions. These contests, in which only men participate in the end, are seen to be rewarded by fame that in reality means that the contestant can get whatever he or she wishes to. This is a clear depiction of how the society clearly plays the role of setting up the teenage pregnancy platform in terms of ideas. The writing is additionally excellent with the way that it juggles from the subject to subject although they are all about sexuality. The perception that the students have in the school is that it is right for a young boy to date older women. This when looked at in depth is the same ideology that is shared by the society in general. Therefore, in a basic knowledge, this writing is excellent as it presents ideas that are diverse but pertinent in the society. The only difference and strong point is that it is gotten from first hand information. The writer deal with another pertinent issue in the society and that is the matter of faggots. The writer clearly writes the purpose of the chapter in the opening paragraphs as he starts with the example of a little boy calling others to tell them of the faggot he had seen in the filed. This is a technique that involves the reader more into the chapter and it is what I felt when I first read it. To my understanding, the grammar is precise and there are no errors since what is discussed is pertinent and has some underlying truth to it. The discussion that is posed is quite relevant to the society as it depicts a variety of issues that cannot be ignored yet many individuals would want to have franchise in it. The writing is also certainly right in some parts. He writes of how people vis-à-vis the students of the institution view people who they think. This is because it invokes a sense of clear understanding and clarity and this is what is felt in my mind for the first time. The matter becomes complex as the author in his research discovers that the students do not mind being involved with lesbians but they really detest the issue of being a fag. To my understanding, the author is spot on in this issue. This is because there are numerous perceptions that the society gives to the name man and being straight is one of them.

The matter of being straight is challenging one. I think the author is right when he writes that it is not the matter of being a faggot that the men hate but what really affects them is the issue of being labeled as such, as they think that it reduces them to nothing. The writer is on the spot when he writes about the young pupil named Ricky who the whole institution had been labeled as a fag. This fact really boosts the research that he took at the institution as it acts a point that justifies his argument. The author is also right when he writes about the way the word fag has different meanings across different cultures. His remedy to the matter to my knowledge is also put very well as he writes down that there are better ways that can be formed in order to socialize as the only way that the boys could be put in check is to stop the matter of indifference. The language that is used in the writing of this part is excellent as it is a reflection of the stage that the author wrote from, this literature is something interesting as it took my understanding even deeper on the aforementioned issue. The author writes on compulsive heterosexuality. In an overly look, it seems that the author is trying to come out with an ideology about the attitude that men have towards sex. This is a classic example of writing as it depicts a variety of issues in life and tries to come out with the best of ideas. The argument is well written and conveys the message that the author intends to bring out vividly. The author also notes that some of the most famous students in the high school are heterosexuals and this shows to what extent sexuality has its roots entrenched in the system. This is an excellent research and what makes it even more appealing is the way that the author presents his arguments. The author tries to bring out the perception that the society has brought forth towards sex and this research on this writing to some extent is more in depth than the previous ones. This chapter is additionally excellent since the author talks of the way that male students view female students as sex machines whilst the female are mocked and always attracted the masculine students. This can attribute to the fact why the other students mocked each other with being faggots. The writing that is presented in the research form is a good one for everyone to read especially if a person wants to have a different perspective on the issues of teenage sexuality and sexual involvement. The author creates a vivid picture in the mind of the reader giving out true life stories which in the end turn out to shape the way certain individuals view their lives. The author writes that the matter that drives young people into sex is how they are forced by the society and the perception that they get from seeing others do.

This is a fabulous way to look at the matter of sexual relations and the way individuals relate their ideologies to sex. What makes this argument additionally good is the way that the focus on the way that children are taught on relations. The author additionally writes although indirectly that the only way a person can study about sex is to look from the view of the affected people and not just look through the view of the general society. The writer also talks of the perception that the society has towards the girl child in terms of sleeping around with other people. He writes that the society has created the perception that if a person sleeps around with women then he is an unsung legend whilst if a girl sleeps around with men she is perceived as a slut. The writer notes that this perception is not only entrenched in the society but it is deeply entrenched in the educational system. From the research, in my knowledge the writer is on point in many of the issues, he writes of the way that men perceive sexuality and this is a good point in studying his point of argument. This is a classical piece of research as it touches society in a wide manner and touches the ills and goods that it has. It is interesting to note that the way we perceive the young people in the society is not the true way that they relate. This book talks explicitly on their ideas and to prove this the researcher carries out a full time research and in addition to this, he notes that the knowledge presented forth by the society is a great part in affecting the minds of the young people. This research is an excellent one and it portrays true reality, as the subjects are not other researchers but true students. This part is additionally exciting since the author talks of the perception that males and female particularly students have towards sex and sex talk and how they feel about touching and all the matters involved. This writing in the real sense shows that the female students have been sidelined since they are the ones that are greatly affected by the sex matter. The writer explores the issue of masculine women in this literature. This is a debatable fact in the society since it talks of the perception both male and female. This section is a continuation of the last part of the fourth chapter though it was not talked of in depth. The way that the two parts are connected is excellent. The perception that the society has towards masculine women varies. This fact is proven fantastically in this piece of writing by the author as he writes that the females themselves are satisfied if they are the ones who are behaving in a masculine manner. However, the author is persistent in his research and adds to this the views of the girls themselves. In the subsequent paragraphs, the author writes on the perceptive that the male students have towards this behavior and some of them say that they are okay with it. This is an excellent way of presenting the literature, as the author is not one side in his writing but rather diverse. However, other female students are of the different perception and they think that this is not a fashionable thing to do and they suggest that they view this type of females as bossy. This is proven through the interview that he has with Rebecca a lesbian and masculine female. In overall, this part is exciting to read and I would recommend it to any reader as it talks of the perception that females have towards each other and even on the way that they should be. Should they be masculine or feminine? The matter is well presented and the author writes about the homecoming queen and the different perceptions people have towards her. Do people approve of masculine or feminine female? That question is posed in this writing. In conclusion, in a personal view, the author stands out from all the rest who have tried to research about teenage sex. This is because he writes this literature on the perspective of the students and the first hand information is good in knowing better the issue of masculinity and sexuality in high school. The language that is used in the writing is fantastic as it explicitly shows the level to which the author wrote from and to spice up the research, he uses vivid example that to my understanding are relevant in bringing up clear picture in mind.



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