Free Custom «Major Findings in the Report» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Major Findings in the Report» Essay Paper

How are some institutions of higher education seeing Distance Education Strategically?

From the available statistics, online education has been on a tremendous growth since the fall of 2002 and has not yet reached its peak. Most higher learning institutions see online education as one way of scaling up their online offerings.  Economic impact can be a boon for online courses like the recent one in which 66 percent of the institutions reported an increase for new courses and programs while a further 73 percent sees an increased demand for existing online courses. Thus most institutions see online learning is critical to their long-term strategy.

Why are some institutions not adopting Distance Education?

Although the number of online programs and courses has continued to grow, the acceptance of this type of learning by faculty has been relatively constant since 2002. This is because some institutions believe that online education is not critical to their long-term strategy and as a result shun it. Some like Baccalaureate institutions consider online offering not to be strategic, with 63 percent having the view.

How does the report see the future of online learning?

Although the future of online learning is bright, the biggest problem is retaining students in online learning as opposed to face-to-face learning. The number of students with online quest has continued to grow at about 17 percent since the fall of 2002 and the limit has not yet been reached by the fall of 2008.  

What did you find significant or new in the report?

That a majority of those institutions that do not offer online education consider online to be inferior to face-to-face. No wonder they do not offer online courses because they consider the method to be superior inferior. But again, from those institutions that offer online education, some still doubt the online offering despite the fact that they still use the method to teach, although it is a small percent of 14 percent.



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