Free Custom «Literacy» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Literacy» Essay Paper

Language is the expression or communication of thoughts and feelings by means of vocal sounds, and combinations of such sounds, to which meaning is attributed to human speech. Language is significantly made up of culture, success, and free will. Language can embark upon the hidden talents of what all great writers have today: clarity, conciseness, and communication. Many people are deprived of the ability to speak a language fluently. What several people forget is that certain experiences can lead to a deprived language outcome. The very first tool that humans must acquire to be literate is language. This therefore becomes very important as the beginning in the start of literacy.

First Impressions

Any person's walk of life may have experienced sudden deprivation of language, or no language training at all. In the story Malcolm X we read: "Coming to an awareness of language, I hand scratched to them how the white man's society was responsible for the black man's condition in this wilderness of North America.” Often, a person's language barrier can be predicted through their culture.For one to experience language, quite frankly, a person must work to obtain mastery of it. For Helen Keller, her experience set her free and gave her a sensation of finally knowing the unknown in her life.

Language awareness is very important, because one can develop their sense of writing skills through writing and reading. It is through language that we are able to communicate. In the current world, acquisitions of information are a very vital and essential idea. Language no matter how we communicate to other people becomes a very important tool in expression. Language skills are always discussed in very many forms. All the same these languages should never be confused with the machine languages. This literacy of human language expression is important in social learning and not machine learning. Machine learning makes us get intelligent.

In order to communicate properly, one must practice language skills: speaking, reading, and writing in that language for mastery. Then, and only then, will language skills begin to feel natural, flow wonderful, and become a natural part of the person's daily existence. Many lives have changed because of an increase in vocabulary and writing skills. Whether it is through a job, or even a classification, language is a complete increase toward accomplishment in one's life. It is also an incredible self-esteem booster for those that lack motivation in life.

For instance, Malcolm X states eloquently: "It went a lot faster after so much practice helped me pick up handwriting, etc. I can certainly attest to that fact as well in my own life. Consequently, my experiences in my early college career, led me to become determined to finish my coursework. My experiences of getting an A- on writing assignments only prompted me more to persevere and finish. My sense of hope in wanting to complete my journey in school and life still exists. Little do people know that it's often the unseen areas, such as not knowing words and taking the time as Malcolm X did, that will make the biggest language progress in the near future? There is no such thing as a non-victorious study time, when it comes to learning the printed word.

Through continuous writing practice I have become a better writer. I am, as a precursor to that, enjoying writing a lot more, during these college days, versus past years. Increased language awareness and skills highly affected the thought processes of the writers. They became more confident, and one can just sense that beyond confidence, there is also a bit of joy welling up in them as well. It's almost tangible. The role that language played in the writer's lives was a monumental one. For instance if we consider that these are major players in our society... we start to think, perhaps regular citizens could become large icons in America, if they will work toward mastery of language. Malcolm X, who would have thought? One would have never expected that he had any language deficiency, because he led millions to his call to action.

The improved use of language has improved my life because I have marked improvement in schoolwork, tests, and book reports. I hate to think what my life would be like without language skills. I think sometimes as humans, we all need to be reminded whether young or old, not to be lazy, but to press on to mastery of our given language.Most importantly, the journey to literacy depends first and for most with the mastering of language. For one to be considered literate, he or she must have mastered the art of language effectively and be in a position to manipulate the language to suite one’s meaning and definitions. Also, the art of spelling words correctly when writing exhibits the level of literacy in one’s self and therefore for one to consider him or herself literate, they must be able to communicate effectively through spoken and written literature. Masterly of language concepts is very important in any literacy acquisition skills. Through language skills and proper communication, people get the common sense.

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A lot of writers have come forth with very good literacy methods and put clearly proper methods of getting literate. There are many theories that are also very important in the explanation of literacy. Casey D. argues that, "Literacy does not require or inexorably lead to any particular development, but it is a powerful tool available for organizing, extending, providing resources for, and transforming all of our social endeavors." This is a very powerful statement that many scholars have commended and quoted in many forums.

Experiences acquired in learning are always very important in the sense that they develop the experiences of real literacy. This brings many reflections of school life and different acquisitions of various study and learning methods. The big question then comes if someone who is educated might not in the similar manner be a learned. This brings quite a state of quandary. But again it becomes a very easy statement to synthesis in literary appreciation.

Developing a culture of different learning methods and cultivating the inner culture of understanding and doing things brings to a better understanding of the various cultural understanding and reading. In this case it is therefore very important to do all the learning with positive attitudes and proper motives. This will help in the literacy synthesis of learning and acquisition of knowledge.

Some scholars have put the knowledge of learning process in three categories. First, it is looked at to be the behaviorist theories which majorly base the learning methods and any acquisition of knowledge on how various learners will behave. This is cultivated in the way individuals do things, handle various situations and carry themselves in public. Secondly, social constructivism which is the social acquisition of knowledge. Lastly, there are the eclectic approaches to learning which is looked at in the sense of machine learning where the learners are left to deal with machines. Even though this form of learning is very complex, once the learners are pre-exposed to this form, relevancy is hardly controlled. Individuals tend to be biased over the social earning methods. "To be truly literate, a person must be conversant with a specific body of knowledge known to educated people, or, more precisely, the cultural knowledge of the dominant society." (Coben, 2007).

There are many learning methods like bottom up theory of reading which is not very good for starters. Psycholinguistic theory is very important in acquiring the knowledge. Unlike transactional and critical literacy this form of literacy starts from the foundations of elementary learning processes until learners are fully literate. In fact, Gleeson L. (2005) Says that, "Literacy is the skill, the process, the practice of 'reading' and being articulate about 'men and nations,' which is more than just simplistic, isolated decoding and encoding skills." This is very true.

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The teaching cycle in any learning activity is always a mandatory. In however much there are different types of learners, what is very important in this system is how is the learning and processing of information delivered. All matters have to be assessed in detail in order to exactly way proper environments for literacy. Authentic assessment is also very important in order to weigh how much emphasis is to be made on literacy acquisition. It is only through literacy that that proper learning and acquisition of knowledge takes place. Otherwise without literacy, humans could just be like all other animals.

Standards of acquisition of any kind of knowledge greatly depend on the way in which the various beliefs are perceived and interpreted by different learners. This will entirely rely on the environment the learning activities are to be done.

Literacy in a Broader Sense

What is literacy? From what I understand, literacy is the ability to read and write effectively. Also, it is the ability to express what oneself through written and spoken literature. For to be considered a literate person, he or she must be able to express him or herself effectively and for the audience around him or her to be able to understand what they are saying. Therefore, possessing reading and writing skills are vital skills which one must possess in order to be considered a literate person.

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Other than having good reading and writing skills, there are other skills which go hand in hand with these two skills. Some of these skills are listening skills which go concurrently with the speaking. For us to be able to understand what the people around us are saying, we need to listen first what they are saying before we interrupt them and they also hear what we are trying to pass across. But if we talk while the other person is talking, there is no communication taking place and therefore we are considered to be illiterate. Literacy is all a matter of communicating effectively to the other people around and passing the message across.

Other than possessing the above skills, it is also advisable to also countercheck our speeches or what we intend to pass around. It is also advisable to check which message is for which group and what the effects are and the issues addressed. One cannot start lecturing young people about the issues that affect the elderly and vice versa.



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