Free Custom «Letter Writing» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Letter Writing» Essay Paper


In history letters have been used in to convey radical information. Technology has made it easier to write a letter and sent it even online and receive quick response. Formal letters give the sender and the receiver ownership of information as evidence if need may arise. It also creates a stable language learning and professional application of writing skills. Letters provide an alternate for perception radiation and expression of feelings especially in what may be difficult to speak. A letter can be kept safely for reference thus makes evidence available even at critical level. Organizations also communicate using letters to seal business deal of whatsoever kind. In many instance employers demand a well written letter of self expression and capabilities.

Letter helps one keep a good memory. Letters are methods of communication which pass information to the dearest one. Letters also have a process that can follow to reach a far destination through the mailing service. However letters are slowly being misplaced by modern method of communication like short mobile messages, e-mails which are quick to pass information than letters. Formally companies must use letter. (letters can be send and received anywhere as long as the channel used is effective because it doesn’t require complexity e.g. use of computers to send and receive as most can be hand written) these essay establishes the different formats that can be used to write letters.

In your request to contact investigation on American banks WebPages, an observation was done on three WebPages of banks America banks which are Amarillo National bank, American savings Bank, and Bank of America to determine the most effective webpage. I analyze each one in turn.


American Savings Bank

American savings bank webpage appears on corporate colors which are blue, and green with the banks logo attached. Visible adverts of various product offering can easily be viewed with a simple click, however it has a security logging section that is used by clients for identification and login, American bank is slightly complex to use and has running advert on the web page. These adverts will likely contradict customer’s basic information search in this webpage. The brand colors are dull and therefore a client strains to see the contents on the page.

Bank of America

Bank of America webpage on the other hand, directly shows the banks history and banking options, it has a section that consumer can click to donate funds to assist the less fortunate. It also has most effective details as it give a client full aspects on banking rates and banking laws thus educative and convenient with a clear resourceful webpage.

Amarillo National Bank

Amarillo National bank webpage has three clear section appearing on it products offering, which are banking, lending and inventing. It has a clearly placed education center which too has three sections, specifically on understanding online banking and credit cards, protection and achieve section that reiterate on starting your financial freedom business, success and retirement. This is not common with banks thus persistently show how the bank values the customer. In Amarillo it is evident that customer is king.

I am in receipt of your letter regarding my request for a recommendation letter to support my documents and adding value to my job search as a finance Director at Amarillo Bank. The company management has requested a detailed letter of my capabilities and performance record not only in my academics but on other curricular activities such as Sporting, Leadership, Communication and Analytical skills.

I hold a doctorate degree in strategic management and finance from Harvard University; I studied a master’s degree from Manchester University and degree in computer science from the same university. While in college, I conducted a research and presented to the ministry of finance on basic application of fundamentals in computer science accounting packages which has successfully been adopted and implemented by financial institutions.

Previously, I have worked as a-part time lecturer in the Manchester university department of business where I also studied for a Professional Postgraduate Diploma of the Association of Chattered Certified accountants.  In addition am involved in the community service development programs where we participate on social business forums on youth financial management and saving.

I am looking for a finance director’s position that has been advertised in the national newspaper and posted in the company’s website. Kindly address the recommendation letter

to: the human resource director, Amarillo Bank, Ruka Street, California St 00000.

I am interested in the position and requesting your letter of recommendation.



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