Free Custom «Lecture Administrative Assistant» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Lecture Administrative Assistant» Essay Paper

Lecture 1:

In this assignment students should identify a website that provides reliable information. Some of these websites include institutional websites, company websites, government websites or academic institution websites. After indentifying the websites the students should provide the URL of the websites and a short description of the content, however the description and summary should be original. APA format should be used to reference the information contained and also in quoting the reference, for example information provided in the Kentucky library department:  

The Kentucky library department is one of the websites that provides a guideline on how to manage electronic records. The website provides reliable information on how this can be undertaken and therefore information provided can be used to manage records.  The reference will in APA will be provided as follows:

Lecture 2:

In this section a student is required to be creative in producing an attractive and official letter head, there should be three different letter heads who purpose differ, the purpose of the letter heads should e related to temporary employee activities, example end  of employment period notice letter head, recommendation letter head or extension of employment letter head. The letter heads should look official and have the same format to ensure uniformity, example if one letter head has a logo on top then all the others should have the same logo to ensure uniformity and consistency.

The following is an example of letter head templates:

End of employment period:

This letter head will help in informing the temporary employees that the employment period agreed upon has ended, the following is the example:

Project A


End of employment period:

Recommendation letter:

This letter head will be used to write recommendation letter when temporary employee’s employment period has ended.

Project A     


Extension of employment:

This letter head will help in informing temporary employees regarding extended employment period before or after their employment period is over,

Project A     

Lecture 3:

In this section students are required to show their accounting skills and also communication skills, the budget should be well organized and easy to follow. Students should be creative and also provide a well laid out budget plus a description of items that are unclear in the budget, items in the budget should also be associated with project expenses.   The project should be presented using MS Excel and at least two excel function should be used.

Students should also provide a reference where budgeting information was obtained. The following is an example, information on how to budget was obtained from Customer Credit (2010)


3 months office equipments budget

quantity cost per unit total cost
Pens 20 1.5 30
Pins 1 20 20
Printer papers 5 20 100
Cartridges 6 100 600
grand total


Lecture 4:

In this section students should indicate extensive research skills and come up with a project that clearly indicates ways in which performance can be improved, students should consult at least two sources in order to create a good performance improvement report.

The report should indicate a chronological order of events that should be undertaken in order to improve performance, for example:

The first step in improving performance is indentifying the problem areas using the assessment tool used, after these areas are identified, and then goals and objectives must be established. The next step should be to determine ways in which these goals can be achieved, this include additional learning hours, more engagement and increased practice lessons and assessments. After these have been determined a plan can be established to determine when each activity will be undertaken. At the end of each activity assessments should be made and records kept in order to determine whether there are improvements and also used to indentify problem areas. (National audit office, 2010).



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