Free Custom «Learning Experience in Class» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Learning Experience in Class» Essay Paper

Generally, each person in the world has their own individual life experiences and courses founded upon the choices they make whenever they are faced with a definite encounter or circumstance with another person or even in class. Each individual reacts in a different way on these incidents as part of the personality complex of the human character. On the other hand, analogous on all occasion, each person can learn a significant lesson from each of these circumstances or encounters which are vital to their personal progress. If an individual is sufficiently willing as well as is open towards the scenery of familiarity, he or she can be effectual as well being enlightened by the moral meaning of the event. Thus, throughout the concrete experience of every individual that he or she learns to build up and advance into a better human being.

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With regard to this aspect of life known as learning, I intend to relate an important learning experience in class from where I learned an important lesson that I still grip to the present. From this experience, I have realized the value of time; that it only accords a single chance for a person to succeed in a sitution for a moment. According to a proverb by the wise that time is valuable as is the worth of gold. In the stretch of time, every second is crucial and incessantly passing, and if wasted will never come back. Thus, it is imperative to offer magnitude to each single instance of it. During my entire duration in class I was used to instances of depending on second opportunities in which if one opportunity is shattered then an extra is provided. This is a definite privilege that I have always got pleasure from throughout all my experiences and predominantly in class.

My educational facilitators as well as my teachers have always given me a privilege or even handicap due a variety of private reasons such as my excellent manipulation of words, my family background, as well as my social pressure on others. It is as if the providence of chance was laid upon my hands thus permitting me to have control over time and odds for my own individual achievements. Nevertheless, this has taught me a negative lesson on which I became used to the privilege to a point of misuse. Certainly, the errors of my ways have walloped back unpredictably leading to a catastrophic ending.

A significant exam essential for my overall educational performance had come and as all the time, I by no means paid no interest to it in spite of of the time restraint for the examination preparation period. I consider this task at its explicit period to be inconsequential because of my anticipation for special exclusion. Conversely, past my knowledge, the administrator for the exam came from another institute on which he had no control whatsoever over us therefore, negating my entire privileges. I was forced to take the exam at this particular period despite having no enough time to prepare.

This particular experience, which turned out to be the best and the worst in my life, substantiated to me that it is at all times possible and necessary to find strengths to surmount intricacies and change bad into excellent. Class experiences are associated with much anxiety but also happiness as well. They make us reflect on why we subsist in this life. They transform our values, our life and our style. They turn us into more persistent and responsible people. Thus I am prepared for yet another thrilling, life changing class experience.


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