Free Custom «Learning Experience for Toddlers» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Learning Experience for Toddlers» Essay Paper

There are effective ways in which toddlers learn certain concepts in life. This could be science, social or mathematical concepts. One of the activities through which infants learn mathematics is cooking. Here, the instructor is required to ask the children to imagine a cooking scenario and the number of ingredients they want to use in their imaginary cooking. For example, if the children are cooking beef stew. The children might give erroneous figures, but give the right ingredients. This is an illustration that they have a clue of the amounts required in the process.

Then next step is to let the children to do engage in the actual cooking of beef stew. The instructor should give them the right ingredients and quantities to use; a recipe. In such an activity, the children are involved in play and mathematics. This is because they need to count, interact, use fractions and weighing. This experience also gives them a chance to measure time, quantity, reading a recipe and keeping a certain procedure. Notably, the toddlers also engage their senses since they observe, smell, feel and taste the food (Swim, 2010).

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This activity sharpens the infants' competencies in numeracy, listening, and reading skills. They also build their vocabulary, in addition to counting and observational skills. Furthermore, the activity will foster a culture in children and social values and social skills. Also, the activity gives the children an opportunity to learn holistically and connect them to real world. For example, they can relate it to the reality; what is happening in the world (Jackman, 2011).

The teacher's role in the learning experience is to guide the children in the process, and relate what they are doing to the skills that he or she desires to impart in the children. Additionally, the instructor facilitates the learning experience by providing materials needed and ensuring that the children understand the intended topic. In conclusion, learning experiences for the toddlers are critical in that they are the most effective and easiest ways of imparting knowledge in the children. Therefore, the above activity will help the child learn holistically in that it enhances the child's development of the essential skills.


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