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John is a young gentleman who lives in the United States of America. He has successively completed his high school and undergraduate studies where he attained good grades that could enable him continue with his studies to higher levels.  In addition, he is blessed with outstanding strengths. For instance, he manages to turn all the negative events into positive learning experiences and he is a person who does not repeat a mistake. Also, John never gives up in his efforts to achieve success and he only appreciates positive criticism that enhances his growth in the long run.

On the other hand, John has some shortcomings that he is aware of and tries to work on. For instance, he has minimal understanding of the environmental, ethical, economic and social challenges that faces the world. Also, he is not fully conversant with the best modern methods of putting the sustainability policies into practice. Finally, he does not possess well developed knowledge on key technological issues that equips people with good research skills that are relevant to sustainability.

It is my belief that our Master of Studies program in Sustainability Leadership will assist John to truly succeed in the international development field by eliminating the above shortcomings and improving his talents. For instance, the program will assist him to have the ability to do sound research on sustainability using the relevant modern methods and have a broad understanding of the global economic, social, ethical and environmental aspects that affects the society and businesses. It will also enable him to gain multi-disciplinary sustainability perspectives. Through your university curriculum that is designed to build on the students capabilities, I am confident that John will both grow from and give back to your program. Thank you in advance.

Buy custom John essay paper cheap

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