Free Custom «Introduction» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Introduction» Essay Paper


Education is difficulty to define especially when we are talking about college and university level. Education is a very difficult thing to define in a few words. Broadly we can say that education is process through which human beings learn formally about his surroundings, society, country, world and definitely the persons around him. Education is a process through which a child is socialized in such a way that he can play the role as one of the society with agility. Education is not merely the accumulation of knowledge or learning some theories or something else. It helps a person incorporate the sense of value into a person. That?s why we can say that education cultivates the sense of value inside a person. Education generates the ethical sense inside a man.

Students Survive guide

For me to be able to survive during the cause of this program I will use Axia educational resources. This resource centre has many materials which can be downloaded and be used either used online or printed for later date. Materials in this environment they are always in various forms they are in word, PDF, power point and many readable forms. The centre is good for learning for my class. It gives materials which enable students to be able have good knowledge in the topics of their choice one uses various search engines which enable one access topics and resources from Asia.
It uses filter method in giving the students the best or the topics? students. Therefore, it plays an important role for the students. It will guide me through my studies and ensuring I have access to materials to use.

Upholding Academic Honesty

In order for me to uphold high standard of honest in my education I need to have a conducive environment for studies and one of the dishonesty activities I should avoid is plagiarism. One very popular unethical activity we find in the field of education that is plagiarism. For example we can say if anybody publishes a paper which reveals his study or thought on any topic another person may pirate it for own interest, then this is the most unethical one and deserves only despise from the moral point of view. This is synonymous to theft. Plagiarism should be subjected to punishment. Moreover, there are some curses of science and technology that hampers the ethical interest. The photocopy machines and scanners are the best examples of such kind of educational piracy. By photocopying the valuable books people can easily save their money. The interests of the author and publisher get hampered. Similarly by scanning the books a person can save the content of it and can easily print it out. Then he can earn profit by selling such books at lower price. The person who has written the book by high diligence and hard work is deprived of the reward that he really deserves.
The benefit accrues to the people who have no link with education.

Setting and Achieving Goal

In order for me to achieve certain goals I need to come up that the goals that needs to be achieved during the period of studies in this program. In setting goals that need to be achieved I will be guided by the directions which my life will take. In future I will like to be a successful businessman and this goes without saying for a businessman should be a hardworking and a good manager. Therefore I wish to pass my exams without fail.

Managing Time Wisely

In order for me to avoid time wastage I will plan my time wisely to ensure that there is time for studies and time for extra curriculum activities. Time management is very crucial in studies without proper time planning I will end up without covering necessary topics that are covered in the course. Time should be spread in a manner that it gives each unit equal opportunity. However, those units which I fee that they pose difficulties they will be awarded extra time in order for me to catch up. Time should be also be given unit familiarization as well as ensuring that various activities are attended to. Even though time management is a complex issue among students but it is not for those students who evaluate their work time and again in order to know which subject should be accorded more time as the program progresses. Despite the problem faced with time management students should on rely on lecturers advice and willingness to assist them in coming up with management schedule for their programs. Time management is a psychological affair since it depends on the students? ability to control non-program activities in order to maintain good standards a strategy?s focuses on time management is of essences.

Fostering Reading Comprehension and Retention

In order for me to perform well in my college I must make sure I develop traits and the following characteristics; ? Precocity ? this is the ability to speak, usually early speech development is highly associated with psychological readiness. ? Perceptual sensitivity ? must have a greater ability to perceive things, than others. To assist in detecting important issues through their strong points, which others are unable to, and are extremely observant. Many studies have shown the link between the attentiveness to phonology and reading ability, therefore these children tend to be early readers as well. ? Constant concentration ? there is a strong relation between concentration and learning. learning is affected by this capacity of the individual.
These ability to pick out particular information from data, called focused attention, or of performing two or more tasks simultaneously, called divided attention, is involved in functioning, and shows their superior performances.. This also creates interest for persistent practicing, in subjects such as math. ? Flexible thinking ? the mind should be very flexible, and can easily switch from one situation to the other. ? Metacognitive Awareness ? metacognition is self-awareness basically, it relates to one?s own thinking. Personality traits may also help solve problems; whereas the less able groups may just seem satisfied with the efforts they put in, and give up on a task. The personality traits and cognitive characteristics work together, to give outcomes of superior quality. The domains, in which the person is an expert in, are enhanced by them setting challenges for themselves. They make the problem at hand more complex by coming up with various solutions to a problem.

Applying personality and Learning Styles

Learning is a process of acquiring skills and knowledge that are geared towards change in behaviour of the learners. According to Graham & Bennett (1998), learning can only occur if the learner shows difference in behaviour or be able to prove that he/she has knowledge of new facts. On the other hand, development is long term and the benefits may not be immediate.



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