Free Custom «Instructional Plan» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Instructional Plan» Essay Paper

Needs assessment

a. The teachers should be thoroughly assessed to help in identifications of those skilled teachers who can perform their duties to perfection.

b. The school has almost all the facilities needed for the education process. Though there are a few more facilities that the school may lack, but all these cannot stop the school from running.

c. The only gap that the school tends to have is highly linked on the teachers’ side. Some of the teachers have their own weaknesses and these have largely contributed to the school’s drawback. The only way to help fill the gap is to carry out teachers’ evaluation or assessment as this can make them work properly.

Instructional goal

a. The school organization committee has some set goals and objectives to achieve. The goals are to ensure good learning process and management procedures. In relation to the teachers’ responsibilities, the committee holds all the school weaknesses to the teachers as they consider the management to be good and perfect except for the teachers’ level of performance. The goals of the school are to achieve good management process and to guide the services offered by other members of staff especially to teachers.

b. Learners should be in a position of knowing both negative and positive impacts of the learning course. This can help them even after successfully completing their course.

Performance Based Objectives

a. A learner is the person who follows the instructional plan and of whom the instructional plan is set to help. A leaner greatly benefits from the instructional plan as it helps the achieve their set goals and objectives in life.

b. A learner is also expected to have some desirable behaviors. First, a leaner should be respectful as this enables him or her to successfully achieve his or her set goals. A learner should also be humble as this enables good relationship between him or her teachers and teachers that in turn yield success.

c. There are various ideal conditions that can help boost learner’s performance. This can only be achieved if a proper criterion is followed. The criterion for evaluating student performance is by setting rules to be followed by all students.

d. Learners should develop accuracy in the way they handle their works especially the assignments.

Summative Assessment of Learning Outcomes

The assessment procedure to be used is a multi-tusking quiz method. This helps in identifying both the student and teachers’ potentials.

The quizzes are to be of medium grade that favors all. These can contribute a high positive improvement to the level of school performance.

Learners characteristics

There should be a balance in the number of employees. The school management system should be gender sensitive in the recruitment of teachers and admission of students. Learners’ admission should depend on the good characteristics in terms of honesty and respect.

Leaning context

a. Setting of the learning institution should be a noise free zone that can comfortably enhance the learning process.

b. Leaning should be ideal and divided to sub-sectors that enhance specialization.

c. There should also be enough facilities that can help in boosting the education program.

Delivery modality

a. The leaning environment should be synchronized in that all the leaning information can be accessed through the internet. The synchronization also gives both learners and teachers easy time and frees them from work load.

Instructional strategies

a. The strategies are to guide in service rendering within the school. The strategies are to make an opening for the future plans of the school. There are strategies of ensuring respect and success in terms of academic excellence of the school. The strategies should fit learners’ capability and the only way learners can master the plan is by making references to the plan severally.

Plan for implementation

a. For the implementation process to be successful, all the materials needed for this process must be availed in prior.  The materials needed are to be directly linked to technology. The materials are things like the computers and any other form of machine that can make work easier for both students and teachers.

b. The implementation of the instructions is to be done within a period of one month so as to create enough time for planning and outweighing the consequences of the steps that are to be taken.

c. The set of instructions to be implemented are supposed to have some of the policies governing them and any break of these, a punishment is brought in.

Instructional resources:

a. A computer should always be used. This is effective in the sense that all the data or information concerning the instructions is kept in the computing system.

b. software is important in the implementation process as it is the work of the software to remind both the students and teachers of their duties and responsibilities. The software should also be detective to sense any kind of negligence to the implemented set of instructions.

c. Other methods can also be used to safeguard the set of instructions. Close supervision should be effected in ensuring that both teachers and students meet their duties and responsibilities. This acts as a booster to the newly implemented set of instructions.

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Formative evaluation:

a. Close supervision is supposed to be effected to enhance proper working standards and any kind of mischief.

b. All the records of the day’s set of activities should be recorded and an ideal analysis done to find some areas of weakness.

c. The evaluation process is to be done on the daily basis to avoid any kind of risk or error that may arise and interfere with the implementation.

d. All the changes observed should also be put down or recorded to ensure maintenance and protection of the instructions.

Formative assessment:

a. Assessment should be done on all the organs of the school institution. This is to help in balancing the risks that might occur within this particular learning institution. Without this assessment, then some of vital information can be hidden to the managerial board of the school.

Summative evaluation of the program outcomes

a. The evaluation program should involve both teachers and students but particularly teachers. The evaluation outcomes are supposed to be keenly analyzed and an ideal solution found. With this analysis, the school can make some steps ahead toward achievement of its set goals and objectives.


a. Analysis should be done regularly and this can only be done if all the records of the day’s activities are recorded and reference points listed out or put in place.

b. All the results of the outcomes of the evaluation process should be kept and comparison done to check whether there is an improvement or a draw back. This can enable rectifications to be done quickly.



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