Free Essay Sample «Instructional Challenges »

Free Essay Sample «Instructional Challenges »

Today, there are a number of individuals who would argue in regards to the significance of studying and excellence in education. Education opens doors to various opportunities to both the teachers and students as well. With the fluctuating economy and uncertain times, it is more vital for children to receive the proper training and education so as to acquire good job. However, this paper addresses instructional challenges like learning outcome, contemporary issues that impact education, and finally contemporary issues in the context of the profession.

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To begin with, according to Compton-Lilly, (2008), learning outcome is generally affected by a number of issues such as reading epidemic which is currently facing education. This is the fact that various students after being given instructions in regards to a given subject that they are required to address comprehensively; still they are not capable of comprehending whatever they red even at the basic level. This generally have devastating effect s on the education of our children in particular. It is devastating that several students are not able to read and comprehend on grade level and this has led to so many cases of dropouts. It is a hard this to experience, watching students struggle to understand the things that they ought to have understood.

Secondly, contemporary issues in education or rather parental involvement in the education of the child are very important aspect in the education of the child. The participation of parents in regular, two-way, and meaningful communication between student academic learning and other related activities such as assisting the learning of the child and serving as full partners in their child’s education is a vital component in the learning outcome of the child (Compton-Lilly, 2008).

Finally, some of the contemporary issues in the context of profession such as the alarming attrition rate of teachers are some of the problems that are currently attacking the education system. Only the individuals who are not involved with the education at all will argue that it is an easy profession but in the real sense it is a very demanding profession which is usually a very demanding profession which is accompanied by overwhelming pressure and responsibilities. Unfortunately, many teachers are not capable to tackle the burdensome responsibilities for any length of time (Compton-Lilly, 2008). 

In conclusion, there is no denying fact that poor reading or learning abilities as well as other problems that have been mentioned above, are not likely to go away just overnight. These are major issues facing education, and we as educators must do whatever we can to conquer them since education is such a valuable tool and thus we must do as much as we can to get our students to value their education.


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