Free Custom «Innovation» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Innovation» Essay Paper

Learning grammar can sometimes be difficult if the class appears demoralized and unenthusiastic. Many grammar teachers will bears witness that many students are usually less motivated to learn the subject despite the fact that the subject is of paramount essence in guarantee the future success of the students. It is therefore of great importance the teachers of grammar takes the prerogative in motivating the class to ensure that there is some motivational aspects in classes so that the students can gain some benefits from their grammar classes. There are some basic motivational approaches that one can utilize in classes to ensure that the usual lack of enthusiasm of grammar classes is minimized.

Domyei notes that there are two main motivations towards learning namely intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation. Extrinsic motivation arises for external factors that makes learners want to win and gain the knowledge so that they can prove to the others that they can. A grammar class can be motivated through extrinsic motivation if an instructor creates these extrinsic motivators. An example of an extrinsic motivator that can be used in teaching modern grammar would be the creation of a coveted win, say a title or a trophy, or say a trip for a group of those who excel in their grammar classes. This will instigate the desire to learn and induce an intrinsic motivation to learn. If this proves expensive, there are many inexpensive ways of creating extrinsic motivators to learners, including the constant appreciation of those who excel in their grammar classes.

As far as intrinsic motivations are concerned, Oxford asserts that learners get intrinsic motivation from their own desire to excel. They may be motivated to achieve something, say to excel in grammar as a pursuit to the dream career, or due to the dream of a future income. It is therefore important that instructors keep on showing the students the essence of grammar and try to evoke this intrinsic motivation by showing the learners the need to learn grammar. This is a sure way that shall ensure that grammar learners are motivated towards guaranteeing their success. Although Gardner argues that the myopia of age sometimes hinders high school student from recognizing the need for seriousness in education, it is important that instructors seek to reach the intrinsic motivators that shall make the students pursue the understanding of grammar. This way, grammar instructors shall manage to achieve the desired objectives of grammar learners.

Another way of motivating learners would be to correct their mistakes in a polite way. Brown notes that the intrinsic motivation of many grammar learners is lost not because they could not have managed to learn the grammar, but because the grammar instructors handled their mistakes in a manner they felt was not polite. Csizer, and Dornyei, further adds that grammar mistakes dominate any grammar class as they are evident even among mature and renowned individuals. The learners therefore ought to be encouraged to avoid their grammar mistakes in a polite manner so that they do not get demoralized from learning the language.

Use of games is another way that can be used to motivate the learners. Domyei notes that learners can be motivated to increase their sensitivity towards grammar mistakes by doing what they like doing. With the current generation of learners being engrossed in various computer/ video games, a game that indirectly teaches grammar can be of great essence in making the learners understand some rules of grammar that shall improve their understanding of grammar. Common errors in grammar can be punished in the game hence creating the awareness among learners that a mistake exist hence motivating the learners to avoid this mistakes.

In conclusion, it is important to note that every grammar instructor ought to realize that the success of grammar classes to achieve its objective is highly depended to the mood and perception of the learners. It is therefore imperative that the learners get motivated to accept the rules of grammar which student often find confusing. To avoid the monotony of grimmer classes, instructors should have a unique teaching approach that shall ensure that the classes remain lively and focused. This way, teaching grammar and the rate of its understanding shall be enjoyable to the instructors as well as to the learners.



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