Free Custom «Improving Education in America» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Improving Education in America» Essay Paper

There are several indicators that portray America’s education system like that one in trouble. The country’s education system has been under a lot of scrutiny and many people agree that it needs to be improved. The only problem is,however, how to improve the education system. This paper will briefly discuss on how to improve the education system in America, especially in the elementary education.

It is important to understand about research on child development that will assist in good decision making about reform in the education sector to put differences in each student. It is important to realize that teachers, parents, and the students themselves should be involved in improving the American education system. It is also important that expert professionals are involved in decision making processes. According to Moursund (12), elementary school teachers are solely responsible for teaching a wide range of disciplines and should be very careful, as learning in all disciplines becomes a starting point in dealing with the problem situation. It is important also that good teachers grow professionally and allow significant time for learning.

Another strategy, by Graeme, is to pull worst performing schools out of the local authority control and turn the schools into academies with new leadership. The report by the Daily Telegraph suggests that underperforming schools, which educate under-11s, should be placed in third-party sponsors to address their poor results. Some education officials claim that some poor primaries have been allowed to coast for a long time and this has harmed the pupils’ education. They assert that this kind of action will save several and, in fact, thousands of school children from underachieving.

Another document, by Michael, claims that mayors have got unique skills that can be used to improve service of school systems. In an article by Wong, Michael asserts that mayors have the ability to mobilize support from the public for education and strengthen school accountability while increasing managerial capacity, especially for district schools. The argument studied by Center for Reinventing Public Education, the founder of which is Paul Hill, is that mayors first need to understand the schools they want to reform. This has stemmed from the fact that over the last generation mayors, as well as other influential people in the U.S., have spearheaded efforts to improve education. The concerns have risen from the fact that if schools remain run of the mill, the nation will not be able to compete effectively in a global economy. Moursund (6) says that there is no better place to start the reforms than in elementary school due to a top down movement that calls establishment of high standards for student achievement, thus improving the country’s education system.

It should, however, be put into mind by the education reformers that critical periods of development are the key tochild’s increased learning, at different stages of development. Teachers should never try to push ideas that are complicated to kids who have not mentally and physically developed, as they risk both, physical and mental resistance. This is setting children for failure instead. This is due to the fact that there is stress associated with children of very small ages being forced to read, which becomes more important for them, but it will be fine if they wait just a little bit longer till they are mature. According to Eileen, a teacher should try to make learning fun for the kids he or she is teaching. Eileen stresses that studies and experiences have confirmed that working in small groups or in a one-to-one basis improves performance for elementary school kids. Professionals have realized that teaching requires a lot of repetition, because critical periods of development require different learning at various stages of development. A retired teacher profiled by Eileen also stresses that teachers should not be bogged down by a lot of paper work, which reduces the amount of their teaching time. This is because it is difficult to do the teaching and other assignments.

According to Gattis,there should be rigorous efforts to evaluate hundreds of tutoring programs that make use of community volunteers. Gattis has found out that American students are doing better in mathematics largely due to a 2002 program “federal No Child Left Behind law” that took effect, but sadly, reading achievement gains have been very minimal. Consequently, different interventions have been developed to recover reading capabilities, and these include supplanting on tutor programs. An expert review, however, indicates that students at-risk for difficulties in reading can greatly take advantage fromthese tutoring programs that compliment class work. But what does this indicate? This is an indication that education is a place with high burn out level, and teachers need to be compensated so that they can remain in their field. The “No Child Left Behind” has tried to keep highly qualified staff in school meaning that teaching in elementary level ought to be right there in top where other disciplines, like say lawyers and doctors, are. This means that teachers will have to concentrate on what is really important and be able to mould the child’s behavior, teach social schools, and ensure that students are having enough exercises with an expanding curriculum. One good thing about improving America’s elementary education is that it can be fixed. It is however important to realize that mechanisms of a good decision making should be adopted to make a difference in students.



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