Free Custom «Impact of the Internet on Education» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Impact of the Internet on Education» Essay Paper

Internet-based instruction and course delivery is convenient since it makes education more responsive, reliable, relevant and meaningful. Education technology has embraced the internet both for teaching and learning since it is a paradigm shift that enables both beginning computing level, undergraduate or elementary level, and the advanced computing level, for graduates to be more reliable and responsive. Students are able to actively contribute to the construction of knowledge since the internet promotes cooperative learning while at the same time the students can receive immediate feedback from the teachers (Linn, Davis & Bell 2004).

The internet has led to a redesigning of course features such as: online resources, syllabi, virtual classrooms, online discussions, interactive learning and fewer lectures. Learning is shifted from teacher centered to learner centered as a result of the internet which caters for the needs of the students more adequately and is self-regulated by the students. In addition, the learners develop critical thinking skills, interpersonal skills, better cognition and better management skills.

Virtual classrooms refer to a simulated and computer based environment where there is real time teaching of students from different locations all over the world as if they were at one place at the same time. Instructions are delivered remotely via the internet in these virtual classrooms to teach at high schools, colleges and university to deliver distance education (Alessi & Trollip 2010). This method is increasingly becoming popular with students who can now learn from the comfort of their homes and is therefore becoming a major component for education mostly in the developed nations like Britain, the United States, China and Germany.

Interactive learning has been developed through the use of engines and programs like face book and twitter where students can chat with their tutors and class mates live to get reading materials, instructions, submit their completed tasks to their tutors and receive immediate feedback on their progress (Plank et al 2009). The internet is therefore an invaluable tool that has significantly impacted to the development of teaching and learning in line with the dynamic world.



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