Free Custom «Homework» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Homework» Essay Paper


This is the home assignment that comprise of the tasks that are assigned to scholars by their teachers that are set to be completed out of class: at home. The name is derived from the fact that a bigger share of these tasks are done outside class and at home. A homework assignment may be inclusive of the measure or the epoch of the reading to be done as well as writing or typing that is set to be completed. Homework may as well be the various problems to be solved, or the school scheme that is supposed to be built such as a display as well as the related skill to be practiced.

Homework is grounded on various objectives. The reasons behind it are the same rationales behind the incidence of school. Homework is set to increase the knowledge of the students. Undertaking the tasks assigned by the teacher away from school and after the mind is relaxed, gives the student room to be thorough and get details of facts. This makes the particular scholar to grow his or her body of knowledge significantly. Homework does as well help to grow the abilities of the student. Being the extra class assignments, they allow the student to improve his or her abilities in the areas, which he or she is conversant. Homework does allocate room for ability strengthening because the student will have ample time to execute the tasks assigned. Homework does thirdly improve the skills of the students. Through homework, the student is able to improve the skills noted during the class duration through repeated practice, which off course makes perfect. If for instance, the student is left to stay without homework, the possibility of killing a skill already realized is rated high. Homework is essential and it is done by the student; as an additional after class self-assessment of oneself.

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Homework is designed to enforce what the students did learn during class duration. It is through homework that the student is made to revise what the teacher taught that particular day which accrue to the enforcement of the day’s learning. Be it in early childhood or the high school or college students, homework is set to ensure that the students are able to keep track of what they did and learnt at school. In the process of reinforcing, what the students have already learnt, homework does in addition, prepare the students for to be encountered multifarious and intricate lessons. It is through homework that the students are able to get a more exposure on the introductory facts of the topic covered. This makes them more exposed to the realities of the issues related to the topic, a thing that makes easy for the understanding of the other related and complex problems covered later.

If the students are for example, left to go without homework, they will be turned to believe that education is about being in class and the teacher trying to make them understand factors that are ambiguous. This would nurture single sided scholars instead of the multi faceted kind required by the challenges of the 21st century.

Homework natures the sense of responsibility in a student. This because the students are made to associate penalties for the failure of completing the tasks with the determination to partake the assignments. This is what makes a student more a reasonable being or product of school systems. This enables a student to be practically influential after school and be able to execute roles and responsibilities accorded to him or her effectively.

Homework is a school task that enables the students to extent what they are deemed to know through application to new situations. The case study assignments, for instance which call for the application of the facts learnt, gives the students room to extent their knowledge due to the fact that they are supposed to apply what they consider to be known by them in the circumstances they are subjected. It is through this that the homework bit of school life is justified.

Homework does as well allow the student to integrate the various abilities through the application of different skills to a single task. Particular tasks that are set to be solved by the student outside class, needs the determination by the student of what skills matrix are hypothetical to be applied to avail reasonable solution to the issue. It is in this quest for a solution that the student is made to integrate his or her abilities towards solution finding. The students at their comfort as opposed to the stressful classroom environment thus solve one single task through the application of various capabilities. Homework does on the other hand; provide the parents with the opportunity of taking part in their child’s education. Homework given ensures that the child’s parents are tasked with the responsibility of closely monitoring the child’s academic progress.

The parent is supposed to make follow ups of how a child does on educational platforms, which is only easy to achieve through the administration of home-solved assignments. It is during these that the parent is made to understand the Child’s weak and strong points. From the realization of this, he or she is then able to collaborate with the teacher to help the students is he or she is doing poorly academically or polish the relative skills if a child’s educational status is promising.

After a review of at least 40 research studies, it was proven that, within limits, there exists a positive correlation between the amounts of Homework done and the relative scholar educational performance, and achievement. Through research it is justified that, homework enable the students to realize better grades, improvement in performance, and achievement  which could not have been realized if homework was scrubbed from the school curriculum.

A reasonable number of homework is practical though too much of homework is likely to be counterproductive. The educational systems support for the “10 minute rule” as far as homework assignments are concerned. This rule is the commonly accepted practice of assigning 10 minutes to do homework per day and for every grade echelon. Under this rule, the 1st grade students are supposed to be practically assigned 10-minute homework each night, while the 9th grade scholar is thought get a 90 minutes of homework. In United Kingdom, homework quantity is determined by the Department of Education; 1998, and it for example set 2.5 hours for the novices in year eleven who range between 15 to 16 years old.

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Proper quantification of homework has been proven to accruing to increased student achievement through research. Homework makes the students to seek the services of the tutorials in case they do not understand the scope of the assignment. This is positive because it does ensure that the after school free time is utilized to the benefit of the students academically. In case the homework are not given to the students, many would for instance opt at using, the tutorial time watching movies, and football for example, which is no beneficial academically in grand magnitudes. Tutorials especially in mathematics are thus set to create a room for the clarification of facts where the scholar may not have grasped enough to tackle the cases at hand.

Home worth is thus practical though is have numerous controversies under the early childhood education. Basing on the above factors , early childhood education students are supposed to be supplied with homework but as per the reasonable quantifications such as 10 hours assignment per grade level.

Homework is rote, pulverize work that is set to take up take up the child’s time, yet it does not offer any tangible benefit. Homework for childhood education to be precise is a disturbing agenda in academics. It involves the extra tiring of an infant that is grumbling with other critical aspects of growth by implicating frustration if they do not do the assignment. The kind of worries that are related to homework issues are associated with situations where the child suffers from stunted growth and shivering if touched unawares. It is thus practical to argue that homework for early childhood is time wasting and stressing to the infant yet the benefits are insignificant.

Early childhood homework negative effects are well known. The homework’s do cause effects such as the children’s frustrations and exhaustion. These assignments are set to strain the child for no practical reason   and cause the child frustrations. Homework’s do as well lead to the child’s lack of time for other activities such as socialization and this may result to loss of the educational learning interest and drive. Early childhood homework do as well make parent to lament on their impact on parental child relationships.

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Parents who are privileged to watch a inundation of tiring work spill out of their children’ backside parks have always made a wish that they could have the ability to make the teachers appreciate that the disadvantages of the homework are far from advantages in early childhood educational level. Through research it is justifies that, early childhood homework just stresses the child yet the positive effects are diluted by the negativity in greater magnitude.


Homework is controversial more so in the fields of early childhood education. This is because the some of the educational experts as well as a reasonable percentage of the parents and students perceive that homework is a child’s deprivation of time, which could be committed to other growth enhancing activities.

Myths surround the homework and its effectiveness unto a child, which are not understandable at all. It is practical as per my opinion to administer to any person qualified as student assignments to do at home. This is for reasons that are obvious such as the nurturing the responsibility bit into a child since infant stage or early childhood. Homework does give a student room to plan for his or her time effective to settle and solve the problems, which as well nurtures time management skills.

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It is though the administration of homework that the parents are able to understand the child’s weak and strong educational abilities. Homework does as well enable the child to nurture and grow their abilities. For example, if a child is doing well in arts and drawing, he or she will have the room to perfect on that when partaking homework related to the scope of him strength. It is thus practical to have students given homework by their teachers.



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