Free Custom «Grammatical Prescriptivism» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Grammatical Prescriptivism» Essay Paper


No language without grammar exists in the world. All languages have their back history of origin. Without grammar a language does not make a sense. Our concern is about the English language and its grammar. Prescriptivism is strongly linked with the conservative, elitist and authoritarian forms.

Thank you to my mother, Elizabeth Snyder, for being my dearest friend and comrade throughout life. Thank you, dear mother, for encouraging me to give my best and making me think I could dare mighty things in the name of Lord. And then, thanks you to my dad, Robert Snyder, for loving me and encouraging me in fair weather and in storms of life. I love calling you on the phone to share the latest computer gizmo with you. And then to Rob and Tania, Thank you for your love and for your encouragement, especially in this last year. Rob, you're the greatest brother a girl could ever have. Tanis, what a blessing you are to me. And then, to my little Kayla, you are a bright shining star in my life, and when you are old enough, I expect you to travel with me when I speak and run my book table (Catherine Martin: 266, 2005).

The use of you and me or you and I is observed in writing. The use of I and you has been seen in our concerned paragraph. The correct use of the grammar was made compulsory back to the 1760s when grammarian were agreed to use the correct rule of grammar usage. This process continued throughout many generations. It is recommended to say that it is I, is prefer to It is me. Informal language does not concentrate on the use of the you and me or you and I. However in colloquial language we hear in the form like you and me and not between you and I. Grammar has a clear distinction between the very informal language and hypercorrect language.

The author of the paragraph has used you so many times but the proper form of this phrase is as I and you. Longman's Dictionary of Contemporary English has justified the correct use of the phrase between you and me as you and I presented in the dictionary. A few people think that I should not be used between I and you rather used me instead of I. The use of I and me confuses on many occasions; clarity is required to use I and me in correct form. If we say that "they invited I to a party" is not correct; instead of it "they invited me to a party" is the correct use of me. "You and I should obey the government laws". In this sentence the use of you and I is correct.


In this paper we have discussed the rules and recommendations for the correct use of the grammar. It is focused upon the correct use of the I, me and you in formal and informal ways. A few authors have explained the choice of hypercorrect and colloquial language.



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