Free Custom «Goal Statement» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Goal Statement» Essay Paper

For most people teaching is just a way of passing information to those who want to learn. I view teaching as a way of helping people to understand themselves, their surroundings and improve their lives. My passion for Math and Science began when I was in grade school and while most people think these are difficult subjects, I appreciate the fact that they have the ability to open up your mind to very many possibilities. In high school, I decided teaching was the career path I wanted to take and after graduation I went to university to pursue an undergraduate degree in education. It was during my days as an undergraduate student that I improved fundamental skills in written and verbal communication which are essential as a teacher.

At this stage, I realized that the subjects that had taken an interest in were my strong points as I trained to be a teacher. I was particularly interested in teaching children with special needs because they seem to be a group that is left out in the teaching of Math and Science. I have taught in public schools for the last seven years in the United States, Germany and Middle East and experienced the difficulties that most teachers in such an environment go through. With very many students to cater for, it is often very difficult to give students the kind of attention they need.

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This is one of the things that I want to do address in my research when I start my Doctorate degree. Not all students have the same needs and capabilities and most public schools do not take this into consideration. I have also acquired my Master?s degree in teaching which I took as a part time student while teaching. This experience taught me the need for perseverance and how to organize my time effectively to achieve my goals. Working as a teacher in the Middle East and Germany taught me how to co-exist with people from different cultures. This experience taught me just how much culture can shape your perception. As a way of trying to understand my students, I learnt the local languages to be able to communicate with them more effectively. It was a difficult process but the determination to make a difference urged me on. Working with children with special needs has been both challenging and rewarding. These students are sensitive yet very bright and they have taught me about persistence and patience. This Doctorate degree will help me to get the necessary skills that I require to become a researcher in the field of education with a bias in dealing with children with special needs. I also have a desire to travel to other countries like Iran, Israel and the United Arab Emirates to study how the education systems in these countries differ from the one found in the United States.

This is driven by the experiences I had in Germany and the Middle East where culture greatly influences the learning process. This is in contrast to the United States where the system is largely independent and is not influenced by a particular culture. This Doctorate degree will help me achieve my goal to take part in research that will help children with special needs especially those who are from poor backgrounds. I hope you will give me a chance to join your Doctorate program to allow me to make a significant contribution in the research on the provision of learning opportunities for children with special needs.


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