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Gender Equality in Pakistan

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The following paper seeks to draw some argument form the book, “Three Cups of Tea” by Mortenson and Relin stating how important their sentiments were concerning society development. The essay gets a beginning from the book where Mortenson says, "You can hand out condoms, drop bombs, build roads, or put in electricity, but until the girls are educated a society won’t change."

In trying to expound this statement, this piece of work shows that educating both the male and the female is of equal importance. The culture in strict Muslim setting has for a long time ignored the girl child education. However, this paper shows the importance that modern world and especially in Pakistan and Afghanistan are coming out of these traditions. Mortenson and Relin have worked a lot in contributing to the same and their efforts are commendable.

The essay culminates in the support of the education of girl child making reference to “Three Cups of Tea” and getting support from other literature. Generally, the ideas spoken in this writing support gender equality which is considered a better tool in promoting the welfare of the society and more especially through the girl child who after gaining her education goes to the community for its service. The essay concurs to some extent with Mortenson that learned boys move away to the cities where their return to the community is not known. Education for all is therefore considered a better way of promoting the community welfare.

Buy custom Gender Equality in Pakistan essay paper cheap

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