Free Custom «Future of American K-12 Education» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Future of American K-12 Education» Essay Paper

In the American education, a reformation of a number of items will ensure that children get quality learning. These include school governance, district and school leadership, teacher quality and reforms that are choice based. These reforms include tax incentives, vouchers, and charter schools. The government therefore, should appoint educators and researchers that are reform minded. This education should be allocated enough funds.

Children with autistic problems require extra facilities during their learning process. More teachers should also be deployed to the approved schools for the autistic children and the mentally disturbed. Classes should be separate for these children to ensure that their needs are dealt with more easily (CQ Researcher, 2009).

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As a paraprofessional and having four years experience in behavior disorder, my desired career is being a counselor. I am capable of counseling children with autism and mental disturbance. However, it is not possible to restore full sanity in such children. There are several career possibilities for me outside since I am academically qualified. Handling children who are mentally challenged is a complex task since they require constant guidance in nearly all things they perform. Once a child is admitted to school, teachers should do a complete study in their behavior. This will help the teachers establish the teaching standard he should be given.

My dream job in the world of education is to be a formidable counselor. Even though, this depends on several factors as education, personal qualities, and experience, I am determined to achieve. Being a counselor will enable me expand my counseling skills, teaching and administration. After gaining relevant experience, I would like to be a government consultant one day. Although I will be required to devote more time to latest developments in counseling, I will get more comfortable office to work in and ensure that people get the necessary consultation services.


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