Free Custom «Free Offer for More than Twelve Credits» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Free Offer for More than Twelve Credits» Essay Paper

By the university council agreeing on having to implement the condition that every student who takes more than twelve credits ought to be granted the rest of the credits (upto eighteen which is the maximum number of units) for free, the university is likely to reap lots of advantages. It is a known condition by the university’s regulations that every student ought to have registered a minimum of twelve credits. This condition is being faced by a lot of conditions especially in the world today where diversity and flexibility is becoming the order of the day. Putting in mind hat the generation being taught in the university today is very different from the one that involved our fathers, it is imperative that the university takes pride in bending its rules so as to accommodate the changing times.

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Most of the students in the global world today are faced with a lot of distractions away form the normal academic commitment in school and it is in this regard that it is becoming very difficult for students to voluntarily register more unites from the minimum number placed. Due to early entry into the career, many students are lured into making the normal academic work become more of a part time activity which is making it even harder for the students to effectively compete in the minimum credits leave alone registering more or bonus credits. It is in this breath that this paper critically analyzes some of the strategic reasons as to why the university administration ought to have the policy implemented so that more students are extrinsically motivated towards registering more than the minimum number of units.

The very foremost reason that gives heavy support to the implementation of the policy is the fact that students would be motivated towards registering more than the minimum number of credits hence gtting a chance to study or undertake some one or twp courses out of their main line of specialization. The fact that the students are aware that the credits that are registered above the minimum number of credits are offered free of charge means that students may well be tempted towards doing what is out of their main areas of specialization. It is a very sad idea that the university is aimed at offering students not only an in depth knowledge about an area but it ought to offer a breadth knowledge in various aspects of life. A student that is graduating form the university should be in a position to effectively fit in different shapes of life. This can only be realized by helping the students develop knowledge from different aspects about life. For the student to effectively become resourceful back at the society after completion of the course, one ought to take different courses that can be effective in fostering community development apart from concentrating on ones career. The free credits that are offered on the basis of the student having registered more than the minimum credits can motivate more and more students towards getting to undertake more courses out of their main areas of specialization.

Another very different perspective regarding the free credits being offered to the students is the fact that motivating students towards taking extra credits can be very helpful in developing a busy attitude among the students. It is an obvious fact that education at the university is much diversified. Not all students do have access to the same course hence this creates a rift among the students in terms of the level of busy state among them. Some semesters across the years of study may be very much spaced while others may be busier than others. This creates some moments of idleness among the students. The envirronment around campus is one that can be very destructive once the students have excess free time at their disposal. As a measure towards changing this state of a potential problem in the university, students ought to be kept as busy as possible. By reducing idleness at the university grounds, it is very imminent that the students are bound to have limited time to be involved in destructive activities. By having this trend implemented in the university, students are bound to spend less time while involving in drugs, risky sexual activities and other criminal activities. In the long run, the students gradate from the university as responsible citizens whose morality is very much upright.

Finally, the step towards having students enroll for more credits than the minimum number could be a very integral move at ensuring that students at the university have a reduced wastage rate among the students. It is a known fact that during a graduation ceremony that is being held for a certain cohort of students, not all the formerly registered members of the cohort graduate at the required time. This means that wastage rates are high in the university. As a measure towards ensuring that this trend is reduced and actually made brighter, students ought to be allowed to enroll for extra credits free of charge. By having such a plan in place student will be propelled towards a faster approach to learning and actually the university will be decongested of students as they will be finishing off their courses too soon. On the other hand as had already been mentioned, the university will be creating a more efficient system of education as the students will be graduating with less of them having to remain behind as part of the wastage rate. This is reduced through creating the free package that relieves those with fee problems.


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