Free Custom «For a First-year Student» Essay Paper

Free Custom «For a First-year Student» Essay Paper

It has been a year since I came to this institution in pursuit of climbing the academic ladder. When I came to the school I was focused and ready to tackle any challenge that was placed before me. As of now that has not changed only that I got mixed up in setting my priorities right. With the onset of the semester along come other non-educational attachments in form of friends and other social attachments that are indeed important. On the other hand, the way you handle them will determine the effect that they will have on you academically.

As you get ready to start this journey in this institution, based on what I have gone through in my first year there are several mistakes that I made that I wouldn’t want you to make. Firstly, time is very important. Though I knew that, I did not quite utilize mine to the standard that is required. As such, in cases where I could have performed well, I performed poorly.

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Attendance may feel boring at time especially when you would have a better place to be, but the results are detrimental to your performance as you need double the effort required to understand concepts that were taught in the lectures. Nonetheless, in cases where a concept is not well understood, my experience as well as the lessons that I have learned from this course give communication as the solution. Therefore, keep in touch with the lecturers as well as tutorial assistants to solve the problems that you have beforehand.

Despite my poor performance in this course I understand the importance it has in my life outside education and the help it gives in understanding the other courses that I will encounter. Take what you learn seriously and put it into practice. As for myself, I wish that I had prior exposure to the benefits of communication skills and the other tools in this course as well as time management techniques. Take care of yourself and have a wonderful experience.


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