Free Custom «Final Exam» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Final Exam» Essay Paper

Berlin Airlift happened between the years of 1948-49 this was an airlift of vital necessities to West Berlin. It was done under the auspices of U.S. this was as a result of a land and water blockade instituted by Soviet Union, to force negotiations of the future of Germany. The airlift was to help West Berlins with food, medical supplies, fuel and other necessities, hence; the Berlin blockage failed. This almost caused war and threatened lives of many. McCarthyism was coined in 1950 due to Joseph McCarthy’s practices and was applied in anti-communist activities. The term refers to controversial, irresponsible, unconfirmed accusations and public attacks on political opponents. McCarthy was from Wisconsin and was a Republican U.S senator who lived from 1908 to 1957. He was a controversial and visible person during the cold War and Communist subversion.

Cuban Missile Crisis (October crisis) is the crisis that almost led to the first nuclear war in the world. This was to take place in the Island of Cuba because of US operation to overthrow its regime. Soviet commanders in Cuba were ready to use nuclear in the battle incase of United States raid on the Island. The war was averted due to the compromise of United States President John F. Kennedy and Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev. Watergate is a term used to explain the multifaceted political scandals of 1972-1974 that destroyed President Richard Nixon. This is a hotel name in WashingtonDC where the political scandals were done by the Democratic National Committee. The term refers to conspiracy, illegal dealing in political circles, tax fraud, political burglary, extortion, and obstruction of justice. In general, it means abuse of power.

KentState is where the May 4, 1970 massacre (KentState massacre) took place. KentState shootings by Ohio National Guard members killed four and wounded nine KentStateUniversity students who were demonstrating. This led to nationwide strike by college and university students that eventually destroyed the Nixon administration. The Vietnam War era division in both political and social can be attributed to the shooting.

George Washington was the first president of United States federal government in 1789. He was a war hero and used the constitution to lead the citizens. He led the young nation and allowed for the formation of first political parties. He led the country during the war periods of 1812. Under him, U.S territories expanded, and abolition of African slavery was done. Abraham Lincoln was elected president in 1860, and it is during his reign that the American Cavil War of 1861-1865 took place. The Confederate States of America were founded in 1861 because he allowed slavery to flourish. Jane Adams was a founder of social settlements in Hull House in Chicago in 1889. She devoted her life to the active local government, and lower classes. She was born in RockfordIllinois. The experience made women develop their political leadership capacity.

Martin Luther King, Jr. was a human rights activist who led Montgomery Bus Boycott. This led, to racial segregation as he fought racism. This also led to the Washington march that demanded civil rights for all Americans. He offered his life for the people of the country who do not have the voice for the fight of their civil rights. John F Kennedy, contribution to the history of US was his bringing of conscience in political expediency. He launched the Peace Corps strategy of helping the underdeveloped areas in the world. He did support the black fight for civil rights and developed the economy of US. He demanded the withdrawal of Soviet weapons from Cuba.

Richard Milhous Nixon was president of U.S between the years 1969-74. He was the first Vice president to become President, also the second youngest president in U.S. he was also the first president of US to resign due to the Watergate Scandal. He leaves behind the legacy of being on of the most controversial Presidents. It is during his reign that brought the end of Vietnam War; he visited china, and put a man on the moon.Bill Clinton was hugely popular president who served for two terms as a Democrat since Franklin Roosevelt did the same. His policies appealed to the mainstream American during the increasingly divided politics of the time. It was during his reign that North American Free Trade Agreement was enacted. Economically the country flourished.

Barrack Obama was the first African-American to be nominated by a major party and win the US elections. He is a man of change as determined by his presidency and election. Franklin Roosevelt, contribution to US history was that he was aggressive in a move to fighting two of the largest wars in America and the world. These were the World War II and the Great Depression. Under him federal governments became stronger. Alexander Graham Bell is a known inventor, eminent scientist, innovator, and engineer who came up with the first telephone. He lived between the years 1847-1922. This innovation of the telephone is a part of the history of US.

One of the issues facing the world is the economic debt crisis facing the world. The committee of the ten motioned above decided to face the debt crisis. The committee unanimously agreed to solve the crisis by advancing help to the affected nations. U.S having a stable economy, the committee decided to give IMF money in the form of loans to bail out these countries. Bill Clinton and John F Kennedy, who have served and maintained the US economy, gave ideas on how the US can survive the economic crunch of this time.

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Alexander Graham Bell came with the idea of loaning out the money and helping in terms of innovations of new ways of preventing the debt crisis. Other members of the committee such as Franklin Roosevelt and Barrack Obama were so hard in pushing the point of helping the nations by providing material support. Richard Milhous Nixon came with the idea of putting the nations who contributed into paying the debts once the crisis is over. The committee agreed with contributions of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Jane Adams in solving the crisis by appointing a committee of experts to look into ways of saving the nations and coming with solutions of avoiding such a crisis in the future.

Lastly, Abraham Lincoln and George Washington contribution can not go unmentioned in the committee deliberations. They advised the committee to take into account the inflation that is taking place across the world in coming with the solutions to the debt crisis. All the contributions were taken into account and resolutions passed.



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