Free Essay Sample «Factors Which Contribute to Successful Co-Teaching»

In recent times co-teaching is a more emphasized field of study. The very field of study is a combination of general education teachers and special education teachers. For successful co-teaching it is very essential to set the standards for assessing the overall performance of the students so that it would be easy for the evaluators to find out any deviation from the standards and then remedial actions will be taken according to the needs. For proper implementation of curriculum it is very essential that the assessment of the learners must be performed in the very initial stages so that the teachers in the co-teaching environment will be able to easily assess the mental abilities of the students or leearners. After assessing the abilities of each student teachers in the co-teaching environment must try to introduce the concept of individualized education program so that they will be able to teach each and every student according to the guidelines of the standard which they are following in the class room. When teachers have to follow the individualized education program then they will be able to achieve any goals like to eliminate problems of writing skills, speaking skills and some other disabilities. Teachers must follow some educational strategies like mnemonics, use of graphics, proper monitoring of the overall progress at both ends i.e. at the end of the teacher and at the end of the student. There is the need of certain division of work among peers or co-teahers. They must have to decide very early the way of teaching, the course material, and the way to test the abilities of the students. For plannig it is very essential that the meetings of co-teachers must be arraged regularly in the institute so that they will be able to share their experiences with each other. Teachers in such an environment must evaluate themselves so that they will be able to measure the overall extent at which the system, of such a relationship among different teahcers in an institute, is being found as a successful one.


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