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ESL Students

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Notably, English is not the first language to a number of students in the United States. It follows that they are supposed to take the ESL Placement Test, which stands for English as a Second Language. Those required to take the tests include either freshman and transfer students with more than a year and less than three years or their equivalent study in Spanish and French. While it is paramount that these tests be administered, the question is, should they be administered in other languages apart from English?

It is important to note that there are many immigrants who continue to enter the United States. This has made classes nowadays to have a variety of students from all over the world. There are those from African countries while others are from Asia. There are also those who speak Spanish and French. There are those who support of the idea of introducing other languages into the classroom while others still remain proponents of English only. Those who support the idea cite that the use of only English creates an atmosphere of confusion among those students who do not understand the language well. It even gets worse that some students opt to drop out of school as they felt lost in an English only environment. However, most people support the otherwise; the use of other languages in tests will only cause more confusion. It is important that these students prepare to learn on using English as this is the main language applied in most schooling institutions.

In conclusion, some schools have instituted departments to help students who have studied other languages to take the tests in those languages. Informal placement interviews are sometimes conducted in foreign languages. This is keeping in mind the fact that some students are fluent in their native language other than English. Moreover, there are also other that have grown up in the United Stated speaking other languages other then English. Each state should consider the options of using specific languages that are spoken by most students.

Buy custom ESL Students essay paper cheap

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