Free Custom «English Language Prepositions» Essay Paper

Free Custom «English Language Prepositions» Essay Paper

In the three lesson plans on prepositions explored from the book Daily Lesson Plans in English by Griffin, (2010), the following strategies emerged as the most powerful. Lesson plans, like the ones studied, are a sure fire ways to avoid digression. Each concept and step for the lesson is professionally allotted time and as such very little time (in fact none) for other lesson-aside discussions. To note is that the objectives in the lesson plan guide the general flow of the activities. Any digression, you will agree, would have been injurious to a lesson.

Guided Practice:

A guided practice is what defines an effective lesson and thus the achievements of its objectives. This approach assumes that no student has ever heard what a preposition is and the teacher begins with definitions. The reason why many teachers do not like using this approach is because they are deceived to regard prepositions as obvious words while in reality are escaped by their complex but practical nature. This approach of guided practice empowers learners to use prepositions at a more conscious platform; and ultimately improve both their spoken and written language.

Making the students give answers to already discussed prepositions in situations allows them to sharpen their memory and make academically sound projections in future challenges in preposition usages. Chorus answers are foreseen as unfair to the delivery process and are restricted accordingly. The class of is divided into group discussion for practices. Each group will be expected to give several prepositions and ultimately construct sentences on them. The teacher will then rate the groups’ performance insofar as participation, team work and rendition are concerned. The group work will be preceded by teacher talk and chalk explanations for purposes of introduction and direction.

Differentiated Instruction:

This approach relies on group discussions. The assumption is that every student knows what a preposition is. Learners are grouped according to their levels of competence and engaged in preposition discussions. At times the teacher gives situation to which group members debate on the best preposition. The idea is to make the learners intercourse with the new meanings precipitated by provision of prepositions that are more complex.

Independent Practice Approach

The teacher is to prepare a list of common prepositions and individual learners are expected to use them effectively without assistance. Verbs that are post-modified by prepositions are listed then identification of the right preposition is done by individual learners. Learners are not encouraged to sit in groups. Sentences will be constructed to try and compare new prepositional meanings if they agree in almost all situations given different learners. This activity will goes along way in breaking the talk and chalk method that dominate many preposition lessons. The teacher is able make any remedial assistance. The disadvantage with this approach is that it favors competent students.



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