Free Custom «English Language Loan Words» Essay Paper

Free Custom «English Language Loan Words» Essay Paper

Topic Introduction:

Language is the only way of communication between two or more persons. Therefore, each language possesses particular words which deliver the messages accurately to the recipients. Different languages possess its own collection of words. However, the language for international communication “English” has a large amount of words which actually represents its own meaning with an independent extent. Therefore, an accurate use of word on a specific situation is beauty of flawless communication. Vocabulary also made possible to explain the matter clearly as well as concisely (Schmitt & McCarthy, 1997). Here we are going to get information about the English language word load.

Introduction to loan and its use:

The word loan is very commonly used in the economic activities and business communication. Loan is about getting the money or something equal to the money or an asset from a person or institution. History of loan is as old as the civilization. However, it is possible that the word would be not same but the sense is same (Mussi, 2005). Moreover, in English language wide vocabulary has made it so influential in everyone’s life. For instance, when someone takes money from a friend, relative or fellow it is borrowing or owing, when someone takes loan from bank or financial institution it is loan, credit, overdraft, lease or mortgage. Moreover, an inter organization lending activity also denotes to loan.

Literature review:

Primary, secondary even each level of research describes loan as an activity of tanking money to overcome the financial restrains with the due mandatory act to repay the gross amount received as well as any interest compounded. Moreover, in the loan activity the money received from the person or organization is being called “lender” and the money received by the person is called “lendee”. Hence, altogether, the matter is the better denotation with accurate background and basis. And it needs the proper user of vocabulary to exactly highlight the object and subject.

Data analysis:

There are several words which represent the money taking and paying matters means the loan activity. Each has its own sense and theme, therefore, each one needs to have them with the accurate situation. Some of the loan words are defined as under to clarify the reference and representation:


Borrow is an English word which typically represents the money matters dealt by two or more person as loan. For instance, if someone needs money he/she can get it temporarily from others and it is mandatory to refund the borrowed amount. Therefore, borrow with a large extent and specifically covers the domestic lending activities. Moreover, it completely fulfils the treatment of loan as well.


That is also a very common word of English language which denotes to the very common activity of loan. In our daily life we receive and pay and perform the credit transactions among us. This common activity of paying and receiving the amounts as loan has commonly referenced as owing money among the persons.


The word lend is quite near to borrow but have very clear denotation of having money for a limited time. Therefore, in the lending condition of loan the time highlights the difference between. However, sometime it would not be considered and lend represents the same concept and subject as the common word loan.


Credit is also a largely used form of loan in day to day business activities. Credit is an arrangement for deferredpayment for goods and services. It can be an activity with the suppliers and or with the financial institutions. In domestic use credit is given to the customers by the banks which is called credit card. Moreover, the clients most of the time purchase goods on accounts which also represent the credit. Therefore, it clearly denotes to the arrangement for deferredpayment for goods and services.


In the English language debt exactly denotes to the loan. It has very clear sense which actually represents to the state of owing money for short, medium and long term. For instance, when someone said or some organization declared the amount with the head of debt it clearly means that the money is payable. Therefore, debt is straightforward and a clear sense of owing money from some institution or person which is mandatory to payback.


Overdraft is also a mode of loan which is commonly used in banking term. The amount overdrawn from the bank is called bank overdraft. It is a special facility to the account holder to withdraw funds with non sufficient funds (NSF) tag. However, each account does not possess that kind of facility. This is another sufficient and commonly used loan term which is widely used in English language as well as in lending activity in banking sector.


Lease is a type of loan which provides tangible asset. For instance, car lease, home lease and other items lease. Each banking system as well as every economy supports the lease system not only to boost the economy but also to provide a financial facility to the needy people and customers. Therefore, it is a type of loan in shape of tangible asset the amount of which is refundable with the interest in a stipulated time.

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A conditional conveyance of property as security for the repayment of a loan. As a mandatory part and partial of loan activity, mortgage can be a reference to the loan. Normally in mortgage type of loan ownership of a property or any tangible asset has been hold by the payee until the recovery of the principle as well as interest amount of loan. That type of loan activity is also very commonly used in the banking as well as other financial institutions.


After a comprehensive research of English language about the loan word. The results have been achieved and we can confidently figure out that English language has a wide range of worlds. Each word has its own distinctiveness and reference, even though, it has partially the same meaning. Therefore, an accurate use of word from the extensive English vocabulary is art of playing with words. Moreover, a proper word can only denote the proper sense in any writing piece whether it is artistic or business one.


After a comprehensive research and personal observation, the importance of vocabulary can be acknowledged. Therefore, the source of discussion is the acknowledgement of importance of words and proper use of word. In this regard, it has been commonly witnessed that the accurate use of word has not been considered widely. But, after a comprehensive research about English language word loan, now we can differentiate the variation between the words described above. Hereinafter, the best use of word is accurate selection of word from the gigantic English language vocabulary.


At the end of research paper, the question and its solution grant us the understanding about the language and the proper use of language. In an obvious sense the language is to communicate with the associates and peers to convey the message but proper use of language is to communicate in a right and flawless manner as well as effectively. Therefore, at the end of paper the importance of vocabulary in any language and especially in English language has been explained and considered. A right word at the right place of sentence is the right and flawless English. Otherwise, it would be only a communication not the effective communication and it can create enormous ambiguities. So, be correct in your communication to put influence on the peers and associates and to make your message flawless and feeble.



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