Free Custom «ELL Classroom» Essay Paper

Free Custom «ELL Classroom» Essay Paper

Reading standards is one of the most significant factors that have facilitated ELL. The use of reading standards has been of great significance in the ELL classroom in that it is at the forefront of education reform since it provides a means to ensure that all students are exposed to challenging course and equipped to contribute positively to an increasingly multifaceted world. Reading standards are characterized by content standards which categorizes what students are supposed to be acquainted with and have capability to do standards which recognizes the anticipated understandings and knowledge for a content standard at various grade levels, and performance standards which explain how well students want to attain so as to meet content standards (Helmer & Eddy, 1996).

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According to Gibbons (1997), reading standards engages teachers in increasing the expectations of all learners. It also facilitates the application of multiple assessment techniques which permits for students to reach talented levels at varying times and in a diversity of ways and needs teachers to distinguish instructions to attain the readiness levels, learning profiles and students’ interest. TESOL’S English as a Second Language Standards revolve around three objectives of ELLs including use of English to communicate in social environment, use of English to attain academically in all content sectors, and use English in socially and culturally suitable means.

Therefore, these practices point to important changes within classroom practices and learning atmospheres that have high possibility of facilitating the educational results of ELL. Quite a number of ELLs have complexity negotiating the customs and expectations of the classroom (Gibbons, 1997). Therefore, environment will signal with no ambiguity whether classroom is a place in which making mistake is believed to be part of the natural learning procedure or a punishable event, varied concepts and viewpoints are declined or celebrated, varied cultures, economic status, and languages are problematic or appreciated, and current level of skills and understanding of a student is acceptable or not convenient.


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