Free Custom «Effects of Education» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Effects of Education» Essay Paper

Education is very essential in human life; this is because it enhances skills which are relevant in production this may be either physical or mental labor which aid in production process. Education system therefore, refers to the process of equipping and empowering employees with skills. Swanson & Holton (2009) defines education (human development) as “the process of developing and unleashing expertise for the purpose of improving individual, team, work process, and organizational performance” (p.4). Development process is attained with establishment of associated concept of education, training, learning, and development (Joy-Matthew, Megginson & Surtees, 2004).

The purpose of education is to provide essential skills, knowledge, moral values and understanding to individuals. Education background of employees determines potentiality of enhancing and improving skills needed in a working environment. When recruiting its human resources, an organization should not over look this important requirement. Wilson (2005) says “there has been a continuing tension between the needs of industry and commerce with their immediate requirements for specific skills and educational requirements of the individual and society which need people who can contribute to the quality of life in a multifaceted way” (p. 6). The education factor should therefore not be overlooked when hiring and recruiting, for it is very essential in the process of developing human resources.

Developing human resources cannot be successful without training employees. This is due to the fact that ‘change is only constant thing in working environment’. Training need assessment can be as simple as asking employee what they would be able to do better to as complex as developing an individualized training plan for every employee. In either case training should be a planned process to develop the abilities of the individual and satisfy the current and future needs of the organization (Wilson, 2005). He continues to argue that, through training employees learn skills required of their occupation and would produce a complex piece of work, incorporating much of what they had learned. He concludes that, this would enable them (employee) to become members of specific guild (p. 4). Training is key strategy of developing human resources which should be emphasized, for it articulates opportunity to create devoted employees.

Development involves realizing person’s ability, through conscious or unconscious learning (Manpower Services Commission, 1981, p.15) cited in (Wilson, 2005). On the other hand Wilson (2005) defines learning as “a relatively permanent change of knowledge, attitude or behavior occurring as a result of formal education or training, or as a result of informal experiences” (p. 8). Learning is all through the human resource development process. Evidently Nodler & Nadler (1990) cited in Wilson (2005), points out that one theme that can be found in many of the definitions of training, education, and development is that they contain the word ‘learning’. According to Garavan (1997:42) cited in Wilson (2005), he investigated the nature of training, education and development and came up with similar conclusion that they involve learning and all are seen as complementary components of the same process, i.e. enhancement of human potential or talent (p. 8).

In conclusion, developing human resources should be a continuing process in an organization. Proper strategy should be put in place to ensure that employees are equipped with required skills. Developing human resources is importance, Swanson and Holton (2009) says “for any organization to remain viable today, human resources must be stable and renewable” (p. 368). This will aid in increasing productivity and boost profitability of the organization.



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