Free Custom «Effective Learning » Essay Paper

Free Custom «Effective Learning » Essay Paper

Effective learning attributes have been realized that can greatly influence the amount a student can gain from study. Various findings go long way in helping a person to take up a new language despite the age. Aspect like changing ones study location or sitting will increase the improve the retention of an individual to items that one studies. In addition by adapting specific learning style will improve not necessarily improve the amount of learning that a particular age or person well learn from for example children learn best though visual learners.

There is a great contrast between the learning style approach and the great lack of enough evidence to oft its possible utility. Some researcher has various schools of thought for example Ditto says the good instructor’s camper at the front while others are recovered to shyness. In addition there is a common trend for instructors to create a learning atmosphere. They have discovered that most advice on study are out rightly wrong and need not to be followed. From an example positioning oneself at quiet comer of a study room or study area will have a lower chance of grasping the required knowledge than if one is positioned in a bright room that faces the courtyard. This is generally because the brain make subtle association of what is in study withes environment or what is around hence the more the variety around an individual the more the ability for the individual to remember. Also by varying the material of study give the individual the ability to grasp more from the items of study.

An experiment carried out on various students on how they tend to grasp items once taught. They used a group student and taught them a variety of question and were presented with practices question. The group was divided into two groups one was give practice questing of equation that have the same method grouped together and the other group was given an mixture after a while the group was then examine the group that had a mixture of practice question had a higher probability to pass this is because they had developed a way to be able to recognize and differentiated. The same experiment was done on adult but for them they used painting and the observations were the same this concludes that by use of variety one is able to cognitively learn.

A further study by cognitive scientist have proven the cramming can lead to a bester result if done before the examination but it does not amount to good learning since it involves packing thing haphazardly in the brain in a disorganized manner this results but once the brain get another load it losses the crammed knowledge resulting to forgetting. No one really knows the real way the brain works but there are speculative schools of thought. This is because the brain loses information in different manners and also gains in different circumstances. In addition the brain has an n ability for relearning and it ability varies from one sector to another.

One major reason that scientist see that cognitive learning is self testing is because the process of getting information seem to constantly alter the way it is then latter store making the piece of information even more difficult to restive the next time it is required. All in all cognitive technique give the parent of these students an idea of how to make a study plan based on evidence and no empty theories.



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