Free Custom «Educational Developments in My Life» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Educational Developments in My Life» Essay Paper

There were several events that took place in the 1960s of which some of them might have impacted people’s lives positively or negatively. These events occurred under different occasions and circumstances. There are those that occurred due to the difficulties underwent and also that happened to improve the living standards of the people. These events are no longer of great importance to human life as they have become obsolete and are by now regarded as history. They also form a reference point to the events happening or occurring in today’s world and this is so because they form roots to whatever happens today. The only difference is that the events of today are much more advanced.

In the year 1967, the first human transplant was performed by christiaan Bernard in Cape Town which is one of the cities in South Africa. The heart is one of the most complicated organs in the human body and this makes it difficult to perform such a transplant. Invention of this transplant has helped many victims of certain contagious diseases linked to the heat to resume to their normal way of life of being healthy. This has also had a positive influence in my life making me to work extra hard to achieve my objectives bearing in mind that every thing is possible. My father also victim of the heart diseases and he was the only one who could manage paying for my school and in case he died, my dreams could have been dead too. Since there is always a problem in dealing with heart complications, it is wise to change or carry out a heat transplant. This invent that led to the invention made my father to get recovered fro such a deadly disease he had hence making him to continue paying for my school levies.

This has made me work towards realizing my carrier. There are still some of the events that people enjoy and those that they are no longer interested in, for instance, the events that people used to enjoy in the distant past are quite different from those that are enjoyed in today. The issue of events grows proportionally to that of technology in that, as the technology rises, so are the events. Though the nature of the events have not changed except for a slight improvement i.e. the sporting activities, wrestling among members of the same age group in some communities and various ways of survival pegged to pandemics and natural calamities. Wrestling has greatly been improved in today’s world and people can earn from it to get a source of livelihood (Gardner, 2006). There is not only a change in the way events were carried out in the 1960s but human life has also transformed greatly and is still in the process of transformation.

Gardner (2006) asserts that from the year 1960, there had been several events taking place. Some of these events have also been in the process of transformation that makes them to graduate from one level to the other. Events are of different types or forms, there are those that occur due to the human activities and wish and those that occur naturally and without human consent. Under these two categories, there are also sub-categories. This comes under natural events, and it is always known that natural events are beyond human control. There are those that can make human life miserable and these are events such as famine, disasters, floods and others. One the other hand, there are those that are friendly and instead or causing harm or damage, forms a great influence in human life (Thompson, 2000).

Events are of several meaning in human life hence can be viewed with different perspectives. If I link this issue to my own opinion and experiences then there are several events that I have experienced and these include both bad and good. Out of the events that took place in the 1960s, there are some of the events that have greatly made a transformation in my life. Of all these events only one is had always guided me towards achieving my dream (Chabbott, 2003). One of these important events is the steps taken towards the improvement of education sector. This issue or event has helped many people meet there goals and objectives in life. This is so due to the steps those were taken towards establishment of many learning institutions. This has helped in driving away illiteracy within the society. At times I try to imagine how my life could have been without education. This also drives me to the world of wonder. I begin to wonder where this issue of education might have come from and who might have come up with such a good idea.

According to Chabbott (2003), it must have been a very wise idea to introduce education into the world. There have always various aspects of life that one could not have understood if not by the help of education. People could have been dying due to lack of efficient skills to solve certain problems they had or experienced in life. Some of the fully learned who are also experts say that education is the key to any good thing one may need in life. Without education, there could have been a great disaster in the world as people would not have a clue to various medicines or drugs that cure certain diseases. Not only could the issue of diseases have been a big task but also that of food as a source livelihood.

In 1960s, several countries that were under colony were left independent. This also seemed to be a hard way followed in establishment of learning institutions. If there would have been inexistence of colonization then, the issue of education could have ceased to be and this in turn could have made learning a useless process in life. This could have been so because only one part of the world could have been literate and civilized hence being of no significance as people could not have been in a position to understand each other (Bacchus, 1980). Unity could have not been achieved among different ethnic groups or states. The kind of leadership or political system could have also remained unorganized. Many discoveries could have not been done and there could have also been shortage of food.

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As an individual, education has greatly changed my life. Second to the issue of education, there is also what is widely known as the sporting event. This is also great significance to many lives because involving in such activities is healthy. It makes one to be physically fit hence can perform his duties efficiently. It is also one of the events that began long ago in the ancient periods but came to its serious meaning in 1960s. Involvement in this activity or event makes the body active and strong.

When the body is strong and active, it becomes immune to certain diseases (Bacchus, 1980). With such a strong immune system, a long life is guaranteed. This also makes the rate of thinking to fast hence boosting an understanding of a person. It can be concluded that sports is a boosting event of education due to the fact that both of them go proportionally. Sports prevents one from becoming idle because being in this state can make one loose some of the important content that might have been of great significance if applied in a given sector. Sports are not only education booster but also a source of livelihood to some individuals. It can be categorized as a source of employment as many people have become rich and can meet their expectations due to the talent they have in sports. A sport is one of the events that boost education system that seems to be one of the greatest areas of event that people yearn to excel in.

Kamibeppu (2002) stipulates that it is always very sad to see people dying because they have no solutions to certain problems that they could have solved easily if they were learned and had enough skills to approach those problems. This has always motivated me to work extra hard or put more effort towards achieving my carrier to make sure that people with problems falling under my area of study can greatly benefit from it. My main objective in the study is to help in raising desperate people from their present condition to a better one. I was also motivated by the ancient heroes who had prospered and were then in a position of helping and leading the people to the right direction. Many people are born in poverty, grows up in poverty and end up being of great importance to the society after realizing the importance of education.

In 1960s, there was a series of events that took place. During this period, countries of central Africa got independence and Saudi Arabia established an organization that could transact and manage exportation of petroleum to certain countries. This has a meaning that, several discoveries had already started taking place and unity was at its way towards achievement. With business, countries achieved the process of enacting peace and unity among countries (Kamibeppu, 2002). Trade brought up more business opportunities hence establishment of various institutions that needed skilled personnel to manage and account for all the success and failure of those institutions or organization. This forced many people to go back to school to fight for those opportunities. With this competition, learning process has been interesting as people are competing for the same opportunities. I view this kind competition positively because it has motivated me in my education and has also made me know some of the important aspects of life and how to go about them. Education civilizes people hence making each and every individual to arrive at right decisions.

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Without all the transformations of the1960s, the world would have been still experiencing certain problems that by today could have led to a great mess. I always think my life could have been miserable and the world could have been uncomfortable for me because I could have been still stagnating at one point (Pang, 1982). By now I could be no more due to illiteracy and may be if illiteracy could have been no more, job opportunities could have not been there for the learned to work in. A part from my own life, others could have also experiencing such difficulties. The governing systems of the countries could have been corrupt as there could be nobody to resist.

Life is very complicated and needs to be looked into with a lot of care. The developments of the (1960-1969) span brought a tremendous improvement in the living standards of the people various aspects of life could be treated with a lot of care (Pang, 1982). There was also an improvement on the measures taken towards treatment as many health centers were also built to help save live of the people. I’m proud life never went the negative way and people are faring on positively with their lives. It is also my pride that determined people achieve their goals in life and get employment opportunities. I feel that I have my life secured and future guaranteed.



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