Free Custom «Education in America» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Education in America» Essay Paper

Mr. Joel Hastings we do value your distinguishing efforts as the head of the department of education in the United States of America. However, the standards of education in this nation are still unpleasing. These problems have found a deep root in the manner in which our teachers receive treatment from the government and I hate to say that most teachers feel much unappreciated.

The major cause of poor quality of education is attributed to the decreasing number of teachers in the schools. For instance, in the opening 2000-2001 academic year some schools in New York City started without head teachers. It is difficult to surrender to the fact that 163 schools were at the receiving end in this city.  Political leaders in America focus mostly on international issues like fight on terror, improvement of military prowess and so on but forget the fundamental things that the young citizens need. That is high quality education (Moore, 2004). What people try to understand in vain, ‘Is education a right or a privilege?’

In accordance to Boling and Evans research report released back in 2008 students exceeding eight million in the US do not have the capacity to read and understand a context. This is an aftermath of poor teaching methods used by discouraged teachers. Teachers in most schools do not know how to convince students to understand the concept in class and instead they direct them what to do. Again books available in the libraries which are outdated are not issued to the students to read for better understanding. Instead, the students are forced to take notes from the board written by their teachers. This is the biggest source of academic retardation we can ever have. Something must be done at the earliest convenience to solve this monster problem (Anhorn, 2008).

To make things worse, the students lack the very basic knowledge required to promote them to the next classes.  Surely how would you be moved to the next class while you are not capable to read and write? This painful reality compelled the poorly educated boys and girls to quit schooling and faced the challenging world empty-handedly.  It is hard to believe that the number of school dropouts is estimated to be 7000 per year. Consequently, the desperate young generation resolves to use other unconventional methods of obtaining their daily bread. These include robbery, drug trafficking, the list is just endless.

Our trained teachers work for about six years before resignation. This accounts to approximately forty six percent of all professional teachers who stop working as teachers and hunt for greener pastures. Imagine after four years of training as a teacher, the latter serve the nation for only six years and quit the job. If someone has never taught before he/she may have a wrong perception that teaching is an easy task, although there is more to teaching than what meets the eye. The major cause of lack of perfection in teaching is that teachers are not aware of the best teaching methodology which favors majority of students. Most teachers think that by asking students; especially from the lower primary classes to read loudly enable the students to comprehend the literature.  This does the students no good in academics. The national budget is constrained because the government keeps employing new teachers each year to replace the ones who have resigned due to career frustrations. Statistics have shown that about ninety percent of teachers’ replacements occur annually; therefore putting a seven billion dollars burden on the department of finance. In fact there some other schools located on the low social class regions which do not have permanent subordinate staff to perform cleaning around the compound and also the cloak room. This forced teachers to move out of their classes to help in cleaning; hence confusing these teachers as to whether the society appreciates them or not (Kirschenbaun, 2006).

TO: Joel Hastings, Director of Education


DATE: April 14, 2012

RE: A Proposal to Improve the Quality of Education in America.

We make this proposal to improve the quality of education in America. We know that teachers do not enjoy their profession and opt to quit teaching and do other types of jobs which pay better. As an act of endearment, it is recommended that the salaries of teachers be increased to improve the status of living for teachers to reduce the magnitude of attrition of our teachers in schools and education standards will go up. I request you to exhaust all resources within your disposal and approve the salary increment to restore the image of education.


In accordance with the statistics released during the United States of America Census Bureau in 2000, the number of teachers in the US is approximately 6.2 million. Out of these, 2.852 million teachers leave their jobs for greener pastures. They earn salaries between $47100 and $51180 annually based on a median. However, the highest 10% are paid $75190-$80970 while the lower 10% boundary received salary of $30970 to about $34280.

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Considering the high cost of living, this money is not sufficient for sustaining a comfortable life for them. This slaughters their morale and affects delivery which is translated to the students; therefore, the latter find no meaning in going to school and drop school, due to inability to read and write. It is also reported that the government spends over $7 billion per annum to employ new teachers as replacements due to resignation. This can be avoided by increasing their salaries.

The future of this nation depends mainly on how well the students perform at school. It is obligatory that the department of education approves the following:

  • Increase salary of teachers to contain their early resignations
  • Increase number of teachers in schools to facilitate efficiency
  • Build more classes to avoid overcrowding
  • More books should be bought
  • All schools must have permanent cleaners



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