Free Essay Sample «Education at Home»

Free Essay Sample «Education at Home»

I agree with the opinion that children should not undergo home education by their parents. This is based on the fact that, it is not a matter of traditional class; the children will be taking their learning process with the help of their parents who will be acting as instructors. In addition, there are also no higher recommendations forms from higher learning education, and children will not be in a position to follow directions from their parents. As amateur of fact, it is very much significant to sent kids to traditional schools. It is much important to send children to traditional schools for them to succeed in lives of theirs.

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Children Should Never Be Educated At Home by Their Parents

As a matter of fact, children's education has become very much important in the current times. As an effect, there has been a heated debate on whether children need to be educated at home by there parents or not. In trying to investigate this matter, this paper tries to argue about if children need to undertake their education at home by their parents or not. Those proposing for this motion claim that, it is not a matter of traditional class the children will be learning from home with their parents as instructors. There are also no higher recommendations forms from higher learning education, and children will not be in a position to follow directions from their parents. As amateur of fact, it is very much significant to sent kids to traditional schools.

As a matter of fact, the process of learning at home is not all about traditional classes that kids learn from school. For example, fathers and mothers are not able to teach their kids all the time. There are scholars who have said that, "You've done well in home schooling, done a good job" (Robbin, 2009). On the other hand, he ordered that the kids should be placed in public schooling. Most individuals hold a thought that, kids will do better in public schools as compared to home schooling. Regardless of the fact some kids attending home schooling might be even i higher grades as compared to their age, such children might not provide information to their parents. This is based on the fact; most parents do not have enough education. In traditional classes, children usually learn from instructors; who have undergone through a certain education system and qualified for the job. Such like instructors have lesson plans, which is a very good planning for teaching, this is because, lesson plans provide a clear outline don how children need to be educated. In addition to that, such like instructors found in traditional schools are approved by higher learning programs, so they are sure of what they are teaching, and the content of the lesson.

By considering the morality of children, it is much right to ascertain that, the issue of learning at home by parents has increased bad morals and listening behaviors. The reason as to why most scholars have concluded such a statement is that, most of the kids will not hold any respect if they are asked by their parents to do one thing or the other. As a matter of fact, such scholars have concluded that, it is far much important to send kids to traditional class, (Gary, 2009).

The second thing is that, [the issue of learning at home by parents provided no recommendation from higher learning body or organization. It has been said by some parents that, they usually intent to influence their kids in a better way as compared to their traditional school instructors. Most parents desire to be heroes of their own kids, but desire that their kids need to know what they really don't know. "But I will ALWAYS at least attempt to find the answers to whatever it is that is plaguing their minds. And if my plan goes well, they will be the same way and always seek more knowledge" (Robbin, 2009), for instance, it is very significant to mention that, parents might not be in a position of providing laboratories while at home. Comparing this with in class rooms, where children get to learn face to face with their instructors, who ion of providing practical classes. Thiss is because traditional schools do have laboratories. Making matters more worse for children learning at home by their parents, such children might not proceed to higher learning institutions unless they go to traditional classes. To add on that, parents might not be having an outside job to support their families. As a result, they might be busy looking for other means of providing to their children, hence take very little time in teaching their children. Some people have revealed that, every child can only receive quality education from school other than at home by his or her parents, (Lena, 2011).

The third issue is that, research has home that, children will not take directions given by their parents, when they are being taught by their parents. It is true that, most kids disobey their parents and oppose them too. Mangum said that "public school will prepare these kids for the real world and college; be able to also have socialization" (Bart, 2009). Apart from filed trips, good ample socialization time, and real world preparations, kids will be provided with other good opportunities in traditional schools. At this internet era, children will just listen and does their own work, as an effect, kids will ignore what their parents tell them to do. To add on what had already been stated, children will not be doing their assignment. In contrary to this point of immorality and listening, in traditional classes, it is obligatory for children to follow what their instructors instruct them to do. And a result, kids will be doing all assignments assigned to them by their instructors in school. Different studies have hence concluded that, children will learn faster through their instructors, as they will be good listeners and morally upright, (Robbin, 2009).

Inclusion, based on various points that have been discussed in the main body, I agree with the point that, children are not supposed to have home education by Their Parents, it is much important to send children to traditional schools for them to succeed in their lives.


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