Free Custom «Education» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Education» Essay Paper


Education is defined as an act or relevant experience that is formally acquired by an individual thus affecting the character, mind, and physical ability of an individual. Education is also a technological process where the society deliberately passes on its skills, values, information and knowledge from one generation to the other thus making the people in the society know the historical background of their society (La Belle, p.83).

Education can be traced from way back, which is from the pre-historical times this is where there was the use of informal education where the individuals were taught odd jobs out side an institution of learning like Fishing, Preservation, Metal Works, Agriculture, Stone Works, Animal Husbandry amongst other forms of activities which includes military skills and weapon making (Loewen, p.3). The other form of Education is the Formal education where the people were taught in an organized and a well structured institution that is the classrooms and the students are taught on respective disciplines that are relayed to the individuals’ future career such as Education, Medicine, and Journalism amongst other disciplines.   

Education has and is still characterized by the aspects of teaching and learning, where one section of the group (student) will be highly be involved in learning from the teachers who will be teaching them on what is expected and how they are supposed  to conduct themselves or activities thus they become successful.

What is education and it importance

Education is seen as an important organ that is used to train and make the individuals of the country more productive and more developed; this is because the quality of the education in the region is improved. Thus making the country more literate thus making them more productive and in this transforming world.

Education has also improved an individual’s ethics in the society this is by making the student become more responsible and more competitive amongst the other global citizens in the society (Loewen, p.33). The need for an educated society will provide the society with equal access to the job opportunities and distribution of quality goods and services with the people from the different corners of the universe thus ensuring that there is a maintained good relation and collaboration between these different people in the universe.

Education is also important because it broadens the mind and thinking capacity of an individual; it is noted that when one is in the process of learning something. This will result to the point when an individual will be more attracted to the advanced conclusion of the subject; thus becoming the most appropriate individual who is more enlighten in the specific field of study (La Belle, p.80).

True meaning of being educated

The world today has turned to be a very competitive society; this is because of the improved technological advances that have made it difficult for an individual who isn’t well educated to compete efficiently with the other people in the world today who are a little more educated than them thus pushing a lot of the individuals. In the world today to be more focused on their education in order to be more productive and competitive in the changing world.

The changing technological advancement has resulted to the restructuring of the educational reasoning; this eventually changed the true meaning of education, therefore today being educated means a specialized individual in a specific field (La Belle, p.93). The changing advancements has resulted to the many students undertaking courses that will be used in making the individuals with the highest number of degree / diploma awards be more educated. At the same time the individual will be more sophisticated and will be mostly be in the market; thus making the individual successful in his career by landing a job that will secure him a good life.

According to Loewen p.120 being educated describes a way in which an individual is well versed with the specific or different fields. In that when an individual is educated the individual is supposed to be aware of the activities that are going on around him and also be in position of inventing the new inventions that will be used to make the society a better place than the one in existence today. It’s stated that being educated will be a way in which an individual will be in a position to be a reliable member of the despite the specific field without being forced to a specific field. Thus an educated individual will be in to pursue any discipline without being subjected into pursuing the discipline with their teachers.  

Who decides the quality of education and how.

According to the research that has been previously conducted, the quality of education is determined by the Ministry of education officials who creates the syllabus curriculum. They also recommend the text books and other academic articles that are supposed to be used in the entire teaching process. In consequence, providing the teachers and student with the expected course content and coverage they are expected to cover thus restricting them in the course content that they are supposed to cover.



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