Free Custom «Diversity» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Diversity» Essay Paper

1. What is diversity?

Diversity refers to the dedication to the realization and appreciating of traits that make persons to be unique so as to promote admiration of one another within a given society or environment.

2. What is prejudice?

Prejudice is defined as prejudgment that is unfounded and usually display ones negative attitude towards members of a given group before one has adequate knowledge to enable a guaranteed accuracy.

3. If you were designing a course in the "study of prejudice and ways to eliminate it"

A. what would the course include

The course would allow for the identification of the causes of prejudice, its effect and strategies of eliminating it.

B. provide a brief outline of the course content

- Definition of prejudice

- Ways of identifying prejudice

- Instance of prejudice

- Effects of prejudice

- Ways of eliminating prejudice

4. How do personal values influence diversity behavior?

Personal values reinforce diversity in persons since it motivates them to work towards developing attitudes based on values like respect and dedication which foster diversity in the community.

5. If the population of the United States continues to grow with international groups are civil rights laws relevant

Civil laws will continue to be relevant despite the advancement of the United States in international groups since these laws will help resolve conflicts that are local and unique to the Americans.

6. Explain the different generation groups and the difficulty of each not understanding the other

The Lost generations are those who fought in the First World War. The Great generation represents those who fought the Second World War. There is a baby Boomer generation which represents those born after the Second World War. Other generations are generation X and generation Y which followed after Baby boomer. This generation does not understand each other particularly as result of the difference in cultural, economic, political and social conditions that influenced each generation. Whereas some of the generation lived in difficult economic times, other lived in time of opulence and these have motivated conflicts among them.

7. How can lack of communications between cultures influence conflict

Communication is important since it offers opportunities to resolve conflict. Without cultural communication, different culture will lack the opportunity to work on resolving conflict

8. Do you believe we should be an English only society when it comes to signs, documents, and school? Support your answer with facts.

While it may seem important to be English society in all aspects, it I needful for the English society to loosen up and accommodate other diverse cultures so as to promote diversity between itself and other communities.

9. Is color the only determinate of race

Color is not the only determinant of race since some people may have different colors yet belong to the same race. Others determinant have been biological while others have centered on social meaning.

10. Define a minority group

A minority group is a sociological grouping that can does not make part of dominant group. This group can be marginalized by the dominant group.



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