Free Custom «Defining Strategy» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Defining Strategy» Essay Paper

Strategy can be defined as the scope and direction of an organization over a long period. The strategy serves as the advantage of the business by utilizing its resources within a competitive environment. The implementation of a strategy has the purpose of meeting the needs of consumer markets and expectations of stakeholders.

One example of a business strategy is improving the technology of the company to gain competitive advantage.

Changes in any business organization require intensive utilization of resources. This is especially true when there is a new technology involved. Some resources may not be present in all organizations. That is why it is a must that a new technology implementation plan be given special attention by all.

The organizational culture must also be modified to gain acceptance of the new technology. This is no easy thing to do as you have to make people understand that with the new technology, there are certain jobs that will be reduced if not replaced by the technology. Training is also required for all personnel who will be handling the technology. This will also benefit those that have experienced structural changes in their jobs (Mehrmann 2008).

If the technology implementation strategy would affect the core competencies of the business, it is best to apply caution when making some changes. This will not mean however that the company will avoid the improvement or development of their technological systems.

It just means that managers must be cautious in implementing new technology. The implementation plan must be backed up by thorough research and accurate data. The benefits of the changes must be clearly outlined and explained. If the technology implementation strategy would make significant changes in the whole operations of the company, then the implementation of these changes must not be abrupt for the system and the personnel to slowly adjust.



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