Free Custom «Current Workplace» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Current Workplace» Essay Paper

Studies in the recent past reveal that employees these days are more willing to leave their employment. Despite the increase in the number of unemployed individuals, it is surprising that those with a secure employment are willing to leave their jobs. These could be acclaimed to the work environment of an individual. The argument could be because of the desire to experience something new in newer employment environments. However, a small number can gather the courage to face their employers and submit their quitting notices (Egan, 2012).

For the few that have managed to quit, they have cost their employers much loss in labor and in the process, led to a reduction in the organization output. Most organizations have not yet established a backup plan or strategies for filling in a vacant space when the need arises. In regulating this rise in individuals quitting impromptu, strategies need to be formulated in the workplace to ensure employee satisfaction. Research has revealed that job satisfaction is paramount in ensuring that employees stay long in service of the organization. This requires employers to ensure that the needs of all employees are catered for in their respective capacities (Egan, 2012).

Moreover, encouraging feedback from the employees by holding social events where they are able to express their concerns without fear of reproach can be an appropriate solution. It is evident that employees would not raise an issue of concern when in the workplace. This is because they are afraid of losing their job. Therefore, in the event of a social occasion for all workers, an employer can find the views of the employees through informal interactions.

These will help reduce the number of employees quitting their employment. This is because there is provision of an environment to air their views and propose the best possible way of conducting issues in the organization. For instance, by ensuring the workers satisfaction with their work, there will be no need for quitting. Moreover, involving them in organizational activities, such as social events provides them with an opportunity to learn from their coworkers. This also gives them an avenue for contributing ideas that will help improve the organization (Safani, 2010).

However, sometimes, social events do not work in favor of the employees. There are different types of leaders in any given organization, and depending on the individual personality, not all employers are willing and ready to incorporate the ideas of their employees. Many take this as a threat to their authority and may end up sacking the employee.

During the social event, an employee can begin by asking their employer what he thinks about the general increase of people quitting their jobs as reported by the media. This can be a directive question, but it will help initiate a conversation where the employer will give their opinion and the employee will contribute the same. Moreover, asking a question like, how do you rate the employees’ performance in their work area? This question will enable the employee raise the issue on job satisfaction. For instance, if observations given are negative, then there is needed to improve on performance by ensuring the needs of the workers are met. These simple questions will help initiate and create an opportunity for one to give their views without appearing to be challenging the authority of the employer (Safani, 2010). If an avenue is found favorable for workers, the organization is bound to run smoothly without many quitting jobs and thereby increased profitability for all. This essay clearly reveals the importance of employee satisfaction in relation to quitting.



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