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Teachers have diverse perspectives concerning education. On a similar account, students have diverse views concerning the significant attributes that make up an effective teacher. This paper reports the diverse views of teachers and students concerning their perspectives and preferences in education.

Being a teacher is good because it entails regular communication with other people. In addition, being a teacher is good since it fosters a feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment, if you realize that your students are progressing in their academics. Teaching tends to increase one’s knowledge because the more you teach, the more you understand, and the more you learn from your students. Lastly, teaching is good because it is a rewarding profession. Despite the benefits associated with teaching, there are cases whereby teaching is not good at all. This is because being a teacher is a tiresome job, yet the salaries are significantly low. Moreover, teaching is usually stressful because a teacher deals with a large audience, with mixed interests, making teaching process stressful.

The first attribute that a teacher must have is patience. Understanding the needs of the various students and withstanding the stress associated with teaching requires patience. The next significant attribute of a teacher is effective communication skills, which a key requirement for teaching. The third attribute of a teacher is respect; a teacher should show respect to his students in order to earn the same. This significantly influences the learning process. Another important attribute of a teacher is professionalism; this makes a teacher to execute his duties basing on the standard principles of teaching and upholding the professional ethics. As a teacher, one must prioritize the interests of their students.

Various students value different teaching strengths in teachers. One of the most valued teaching strengths is the ability of the teacher to communicate effectively. Students contest that effective communication during teaching is the key to effective learning. Second most values teaching strength is the teacher’s flexibility. Flexible teachers can attend to individual needs of various students according to their learning abilities. The third strength valued by students is effective classroom management. Classroom management takes the learning experience to a completely new level.

Buy custom Co-educators essay paper cheap

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