Free Custom «Claim Statement» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Claim Statement» Essay Paper

To get through the college or university education so as to earn a degree has become hard enough nowadays due to the cost involved and most of the poor children do not have access to education as a result of this. The maim aim of this paper is to issue a detailed explanation of this claim statement.

The education system that has been adopted in the contemporary times keeps on increasing in terms of the tuition fees as well as accommodation that the students are required to pay for them to learn. The process of choosing the institution to attend for higher learning entails some careful considerations and deliberations in the current world. Joining either a private or a public college or university is dictated by the financial ability and this entails a lot of money which may not be affordable to most people and especially the foreign students (International Institute for Educational Planning 26). Despite the considerations of other factors such as location, prominence and popularity, financial deliberations also play a major role in the selection of the best and appropriate institution of higher learning to attend (McLure 112).

Due to the increased cost of living the education expenses have also increased tremendously and this is the reason why someone who is planning to attend a college should conduct some research first in order to find the amount that the education will cost them (Smart 76). What such individuals should know is that there is a mandatory amount of money which the students and their families must raise and if they cannot afford to raise the whole amount required, they can always go for the option of other financial aids. An educational cost differs so much depending on the kind of school that one is attending with private institutions charging higher amounts than public institutions (McLure 112). In current times the cost of education may range from two thousand US dollars per year to thirty thousand US dollars and beyond. This is not the kind of money that any common person can afford and therefore it becomes a challenge for the people who are financially challenged to access the best quality of education due to their limited funds in looking for a good college or university to attend (McLure 112).

The educational costs or the cost of attendance include; tuition fee, supplies and books, boarding facilities, transport fee, insurance, caution money and other miscellaneous expenses and all these must put under consideration when determining the kind of school to join for higher learning. The cost also varies from one school to another depending on the kind of programs that are being offered there. The highly ranked programs or courses such as Engineering, medicine and law are usually charged at very high rates as compared to other professional courses. As results those people with limited amount of money are cut out from the list of pursuing the highly ranked professions simply because their financial ability is limited (International Institute for Educational Planning 156).

However, there are some people who are for the idea that this is not expensive at all. The students who are attending these universities and colleges should stop complaining and assuming that life should be easy for them whereas it’s not easy for other people in the outside world. After qualifying and graduating, the working years are very hard and expensive too and hence people should stop complaining of how expensive education has become in recent times and look at the rate in which the economy is developing in the outside world (McLure 112). The same people who complain of the educational costs being too high when studying are the same people who claim to be paid too high amounts of money in terms of their salary (Hough 56). While negotiating for the salary these graduates charges the employers too high amounts of salaries arguing that they have too much wealth of experience to offer in these organizations, and hence people should not consider the educational expenses to be that high, it is education itself that has gained value instead. Education should not be given freely and there are so many ways in which even the poor people can manage to afford the educational expenses (International Institute for Educational Planning 76).

There is an option whereby the students can be given some loans to supplement their educational expenses and this loan can always be paid when they are done with education in future. If these people end up working for the public a big amount of the debt is even forgiven (Hough 56). Other options include scholarships that are always being offered to the students from poor backgrounds. Hence it is not right to argue that the education system has locked out the poor people and now the only people who can afford education are the rich people only (Ansari 123). There so many avenues that have been opened up for the needy students to pursue their educational goals and they need is to conduct some research regarding most of these schools and the education system in general.



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