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Child Abuse

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In recent times, child abuse has evolved into a major topic with regard to child development. As a result, parents are progressively loosening on the parental role of ensuring proper behavioral upbringing. The fact that parents spend the most time with their children compared to anyone else puts them right at the centre of the emerging dialogue regarding proper child care. Hence, there is need to develop a mechanism through which parents can be encouraged to carry out their disciplining roles while recognizing the boundaries defining child abuse.

First, there is need for parents to recognize the long term impacts of their upbringing styles on their children.  This includes the institution of appropriate disciplinary techniques by taking into account the context leading to the indiscipline. In cases whereby a child does not heed to parents instructions, just a little less severe punishment is allowed (Alexis, 96). However, in the course of administering discipline to a child, parents should take care not to inflict corporal punishment because this will result in a child abuse offence.

Secondly, parents need to recognize that traditional parental roles surpass the modern day trends in which children are overtly protected by the legal system. As a result, some parents consider it being old-fashion when one is administering discipline to a child.  Actually, an upright parent will not see his child do something wrong and just keep quiet; he or she should teach the child what is wrong and right (Alexis, 96). Thus, regardless of the recognition given to child abuse through extensive media coverage, parents ought not to fear victimization for applying appropriate disciplinary measures under deserving circumstances.

Finally, before administering punishment to a child several factors need to be considered. For example, how often has he not heeded to the instructions, age factor, and the type of mistake the child committed. Moreover, during administration of any punitive measures this ought to be done within the jurisdiction of the law. Hence, this implies that acts similar to corporal punishment may be punishable due to their classification as child abuse. The application of these elements will lead to the proper dissemination of disciplinary measures in any setting.

Buy custom Child Abuse essay paper cheap

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