Free Custom «Benefits of College Education» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Benefits of College Education» Essay Paper

College education is an essential ingredient in the modern life. It is the level after completion of high school. It constitutes a part of higher education which has numerous advantages or benefits among them being financial stability, improved quality of life, employment opportunities, and health benefits, all of which makes a good life. Each benefit gives rise to each other. Employment is the start of the benefit. This paper will discuss the four benefits named above.

Employment is the state of being employed or having a job. It mostly arises from one being equipped with certain skills but in rare cases it happens without skills. Skilled employment usually pays much compared to unskilled one. When one graduates from a college he or she was equipped with skills vital for business world and for one to venture into business so one stands a chance to get employed since employers are sure about competence of trained personnel. When one is in college, he gets to know many people which provide room for employment in future through the contact since they are potential employers or introducer to employers.

Financial stability is the ability to facilitate both an efficient allocation of resources, and being able to manage occurrence of risks and being able to perform financial obligations. It arises from one getting a job, venturing into business or being employed and since employment in most comes from attending the college. After attaining employment one invests the money and eventually arrives at financial freedom which in turn raises ones social class. Some people when they attend college they may start a business and which is a journey to financial freedom which finally yields financial stability.

Once a person gets employed, one is given some allowances and among them are health allowances. Some employers even go to an extent of providing medical services to their employees. Once one attains financial freedom he or she would be able to subscribe or take a health insurance cover that will ensure any health risk will be catered for. Once a person has money he or she is able to eat healthy and will lead healthy lifestyles for example one will be able to go to exercises which are a benefit.

Once one passes through employment, becomes financially stable, and leads a healthy life this leads to improved quality of life. This means that one upgrade in his social status and leads a life with freedom of choice from all good things. One builds moves from rental buildings and may be builds his own, buys a car eats well and leads a better life as per their own definitions. This leads to living a life of one’s dreams which is the sole desire or dreams of everyone.

The factors discussed above being some of the benefits of education and more so college education are evident prove that education is the key to success and it yield prosperity in most cases and it is true that college education has value



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