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For education revolution to be successful, governments must adopt key strategies that have been practiced internationally for years and use this experience to create solid frameworks that will radically change education and pedagogy. One of the things that should be avoided is adding layers of bureaucracy to the status quo because these old initiatives may have little or no impact on the teaching learning process. According to Julia Gillard in her speech titled Delivering the Education Revolution Australia has one of the most centralised education systems globally and this has led to flat lined performances and failed expectations.

She summed up her points with the claim that despite the popular appeal of the national curriculum in Australia, the national testing procedures and the My School Website system, it is highly likely that any marginal improvement will be recorded and progress in education revolution will still be hampered by various bottlenecks. This means that Australia should avoid the command and control system that has succeeded in England because Australia does not have the structures to succeed under such a system. This means that doors must be opened so that a creative spirit can be fostered in the schools countrywide because this will create future frameworks and efficient support structures that will ensure that the average educational performance in the country is in line with the international standards.

This means that education revolution in Australia should not focus on short term goals. This is because other first world countries that Australia is competing with have already instituted long terms goals that are making their educations systems to move faster and further meaning that the country cannot afford to be left behind.

Buy custom Assessment essay paper cheap

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