Free Custom «Assessing Student's Performance» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Assessing Student's Performance» Essay Paper

The assessment of student?s performance is very hard to measure. The important thing is the assessing the student performance is to look for the results. The continuous improvement is the students? results can be a good way to understand what is happening with regards to the studies but even then the teachers have a great responsibility of all the issues related with the students (Christen et al, 2006).

The teachers can be the best guidance counselors for the students. The criteria that can be used to assess and analyze the students? performance can differ according to the stature of the students? abilities to understand. For better understanding with the students and to gain better response the teachers must clear their motives to the students and the expected results.

The start of the class will require definite motives and proposals. The rubric must be designed that could allow the students to understand how the learning process will continue and how their accomplishments will be assessed. According to the nature of the classes and the caliber of the students the assessment process encloses differences. This means that if a grade B is given to a shining student will be different from a B given to another student who is quite average and below par. The designing of the rubric provide essential guidelines to students that allow them to critically analyze themselves on continuous basis and helps the teacher to assess the students even more. The rubric should also provide the examples of what the good, bad and excellent work is. According to the content of the assignment the classification of the qualities of an assignment can differ greatly but the guidelines for the assessment can be considered as same.

In assessing a student?s performance the teachers? responses to certain queries forwarded by the students are very important.

There are cases when the students are unable to understand what exactly the rubric is and how their abilities are assessed on its basis. The teacher should always coordinate with their students about the things which they don?t understand especially related to the assessment as this will not only help the students in exactly getting to the core of the problems they are having but also the teachers who will find good work for the assessment of their students.

It is important for the teachers that they should use the possible ways of teaching that could increase the performance. The teacher must look at how the students react to their certain ways of teaching. If any change is required, they must change their approach as soon as possible so that the students should not become frustrated if they are not able to understand what the teacher is trying to do (Butler & McMunn, 2006). Critical analysis is very important way of making the teaching process more effective and fruitful.

The formation of standards is very important for a teacher to make the process of assessment more valuable. In another aspect the rubric is considered to be the set of guidelines that will somehow shape the future of the student. In some places teachers have been seen to apply different rubrics to different students on the basis of their interests and their career goals.

The assessment of the assignments can become quite difficult at times. But it is important that a teacher must use a specific language throughout the whole procedure. It is the responsibility of the teacher to exactly distinguish between the poor and mediocre work with that from the good and extraordinary work (Gronlund & Waugh, 2008). This is where the rubric can become great help as the guidelines that have been established previously.

The classroom assessments are basically of two types.

They are fact based and performance based and both of them are very important when it comes to the final assessment. The fact based performance calculation however, has been the majorly used in the classrooms by teachers. The fact based performance is based on the multiple choice questions, fill in the blanks and matching and they critically provide emphasis on the student?s ability on how they collect relevant material and then implement where they are required most likely. This allows the teacher to interpret the intelligence; commitment and confidence level of the student because by this way the student has applied the skills which he has learnt over time effectively. Another important change that has taken place in previous years is the ways of gathering information and expresses them in the most required way. With so much information around the facts sometimes are added by fallacies. In these situations it is imperative that student should be able to observe critical trends and can differentiate between the two with effective investigation. The important point is to observe that whether the student is able to analyze the things appropriately or not. This ability can be created in the students by making them follow the rubric continuously over longer period of time. Teachers can also assess the students on how they interpret the questions and provide the solutions. But it is important that the teacher must analyze the student when he is solving problem. This is the best way to see whether the student is using the right ways to interpret the problem and solve or just using the short cuts with no knowledge of what the question is all about and what is the right solution (Gronlund & Waugh, 2008). This is the performance based assessment that is solely dependent upon the performance of the student that he showcases when he encounters real world problems. Another way to assess student are the group discussions. Group discussions are thought to be the best ways where the students can show their learning abilities and skills in a much better way. This is like the real environment where people from different backgrounds and thought get together and argue on their point of motivation. The way of expressions can decide how these students have absorbed the knowledge they gained in their classrooms. The other skills like interpreting the situation and forming the arguments is another important skill which a student attaches to himself when he is studying. Moreover, the arguments with people from other schools of thought enable to understand others point of views and give respect to their opinions as well. These group discussions are considered as the best ways for assessing the students. In fact these discussions are even implemented in the interviews for the jobs because by this way the employer assess that whether the person is suitable for the job where the problem arise in matter of minutes and the solution is needed as soon as possible (Stiggins & Chappuis, 2007).

In later classes including the bachelors and masters programs students are given final thesis or other assignments. These assignments are the outcome of the skills and learning that the student learns over their course of education. These final projects are the only things that can provide the final assessment that is very correct. The projects looks at the students? ability to solve a problem that is reality based by implementation of the procedures that he has learnt over time. This involves research, presentations, demonstrations and interviews and the final report is the best way to see whether they are ready to pursue their careers in the real life (Taylor, 2008).

Students are considered as participants of their own learning process. It is said because by following the guidelines by the teacher the student is able to shape his understanding better.

There are various benefits of the student assessments both for the teachers and the students. The first and foremost is that it can help the teachers to invent creative ways of teaching for certain students who are not perceptive to the conventional ways. As the teacher knows what exactly it requires from its students and therefore he tries to implement those ways by which he can transfer the right information to the student in a better way. The communication between the student and teacher not only makes beneficial for the student to understand the ways to solve problems but also the teacher changes his strategy from time to time to make the procedure better (Stiggins, 2007). This way student also gets knowledge of his abilities and knows what is expected from him. The results show how the student performed therefore knows his discrepancies and work more to get better grades and so better performance.

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In the end the assessment of the students is a continuous process. Though the final project shows the basic skills that are learnt during the learning period, the assessment provides the removal of the discrepancies of the students. The teachers play an important role in the whole process and can make the whole process very beneficial and very disastrous at the same time. The key is to give the task to a better teacher who is flexible in his approach and has the required experience in dealing with the students otherwise the student assessment can become a pretty useless process with no probable benefits that could impact the lives of the students when they enter into their professional careers.



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