Free Custom «Aims of Academic Study and How They Can be Achieved» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Aims of Academic Study and How They Can be Achieved» Essay Paper

Academic study, as compared to the professional study refers to the study of a given discipline at a higher level of education. It has often been regarded as one of the most important aspects of education which comes about in different perspectives. These can be in terms of personal pursuits as well as social targets by an individual. Education is a very important component of any human being and the great accomplishment in academic leads to both personal as well as social benefits. It has of recent been given a priority over every student’s life. The aims of academic study is to enable an individual acquire knowledge and professional skills that will prove of great use to his future life. Having for instance a better job and good remuneration are the personal benefits, while the involvement in the public is the social benefit.

In order to reach these aims, there are a number of tasks one needs to achieve. The initial aims of academic study are to convey the knowledge and skills professionally. After establishing the aims, the individuals then have to come up with the effective means to achieve them. In this case colleges and universities act as the factories that produce the well educated employees who are very crucial to the ever changing and developing industrial world.

The academic study can also raise the level of civilization of the whole society. Even still, individuals have their personal goals of academic. Enhancing career prospects is definitely another vital goal of academic study. It enables students acquire skills that makes them well equipped for work and general life issues. It is very likely that the attainment of these results come along with many benefits such as better employment opportunities and salaries. With this good remuneration, their standard of living will be enhanced. Apart from this, people who have high qualifications earn lots of respect from the society. With proper knowledge and skills; they can contribute to the benefit to the society in general. Doctors for instance, could earn a lot of money, while saving other peoples lives at the same time. Apart from this, their involvement in health policy making and enforcement will be of significant benefit to the entire population. As a result of this, the death rate occurring as a result of a number of diseases will be dropped, death rate reduced and life expectancy increased. Furthermore, their contribution in education such as teaching or providing public awareness will reduce the illiteracy level.

Other tasks to be accomplished in order to attain the goals of the academic study include having great commitment to studies as this assists in reducing the dropout rates. Another task is to be organized and employing a well organized study plan that will steer one as a student to easy study. Other than this, research and participation in workshops or alike will enable students to acquire new knowledge. The internet in this case acts as the best source for conducting research.

Academic study has also a significant role in the development of knowledge communication between groups. This applies well with students throughout their social interactions. They are in this case able to share a lot and as a result of this able to enhance their confidence. The students talk will on the other hand improve on their critical thinking skills as well as their maturity level of thinking. This is possible as they are able to improve on their abilities to think over different debatable issues of concern and be able to weigh out both their advantages as well as disadvantages. This deepens their knowledge about their society and makes them intellectuals.

The academic studies goals can be achieved in a number of ways.First, students should be able to get financial support as this will motivate them attain the highest level of education. Economic support with regards to finances can be applicable to those students who have the urge to pursue higher level education but lack the funds. With financial support such as academic loans and sponsorships, students are able to attain their academic studies goals. This will later on have a great impact on their life and their society as a whole.

Students on the other hand, have a role of working hard and putting more effort in their academic work in order to attain their academic study goals. They ought to get rid of the conceit and be patient while employing more effort in their work. It is only through patient and more effort that they are able to achieve these.

Motivation has an effective influence on education. This acts as a driving force behind individuals’ action towards achievement. This poses an influence on an individual’s needs and desires and in this case putting more effort to accomplish the goals (Simpson 175). As a result of this, students are able to develop their personal skills. The real goals for academic study, however, do not only help an individual attain their goals in life, but to receive the best out of education assisting him raise his or her living standards along with his already acquired knowledge. In conclusion, academic study provides not only personal benefits but social benefits as well.



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