Free Custom «Advocacy Ideas » Essay Paper

Free Custom «Advocacy Ideas » Essay Paper

Child advocacy programs are focussed on the meaningful engagement, support, safety and health of every child. Advocacy ideas that remain useful in my community is the inclusive approach to preparing young people to think critically, solve complex problems, accurately evaluate information and make rational decisions. The second idea that would prove useful in my community is laying cognizance to approaches and techniques that work. This is not only limited to the collaborative approach, but also encompasses research, practice, and assessments of the needs of the local communities. In addition to the above, effective utilization of available resources in positive identification of challenges in educating community children through the implementation of evidence based practices is an idea that would be useful within my community.

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The discussion of the “whole child” is important today because of the role of education in the competitive environment. Education has always been viewed and revered as the cornerstone on the basis of which civilization, economic advancement and society well-being can be anchored upon. Through education, an individual acquires the requisite knowledge that shapes his believes and thinking and which prepares him for the challenges in future. The “whole child” approach to education remains the path through which students can be successfully developed and prepared to tackle their future challenges.

The aspect of Developmentally Appropriate Practice (DAP) that relate to the whole child initiative is the inclusive approach of developing well rounded young people.  Effects that have been put in place to enhance the curriculum standards of primary and kindergarten include setting strategic goals and outcomes, carrying out assessment needs, and developing a framework for decision making and adopting a whole child approach to education. We must stand strong as we advocate for developmentally appropriate practice in our position statements and professional involvement because it is our moral duty to educate the whole child into successful young people. My colleagues and I might become more active in this initiative by joining the whole child initiative and supporting community activities aimed at whole child initiative.


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