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A Poetry Teacher

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Prepared reading and playing recorded poetry evokes pleasure of poetry which is an essential way of making it appealing to poetry student in their initial stages (McMahan, 461).  Also a poetry teacher should find a song that can be considered appealing to students and which in his or her opinion can be considered poetry and then asking these students to write short essay about their lyric that clarify  it poetry merits (McMahan, 461).

Still he or she can tell them to listen to recent composition of rap music and then compose a short version of that composition narrating a story to name but a few of the tactic that a poetry teacher can employ in introducing students to poetry (McMahan, 461). He or she also encourage student to employ terms like speaker or persona precisely for the sake of accuracy which should be part of their introductory writing experience. You should also direct their attention to dramatic irony and situational irony as part of their verbal irony which is the main form of irony in poetry.


Buy custom A Poetry Teacher essay paper cheap

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