Free Custom «A Good Learning Style» Essay Paper

Free Custom «A Good Learning Style» Essay Paper

A learning style is a student’s appropriate way of responding to and using stimuli with an intention of learning. A learning style is a combination of cognitive, affective and physiological factors that act as appropriate stable indicators of the manner in which the learner perceives, interacts with and reacts to the learning environment. The learning style at our college is the best in regard to understanding and retaining of the concepts learned. This is because it incorporates the three main learning style preferences; auditory, visual and kinesthetic. Auditory refers to learning through hearing; visual describes learning by seeing while kinesthetic is learning by doing.

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Individuals learn most effectively when all the three preferences are incorporated and matched appropriately with the student needs. The three have been incorporated in the learning style in the college to ensure that the learners capitalize on their strong points. The learners are given the opportunity to enhance their learning by identifying their weaknesses and make efforts to improve their skills in those areas. Because different learning situations and learning environments call for diverse learning strategies, it has been found necessary to incorporate all the three learning style preferences in the college (Merrill, 2000).

The learning profession has always advocated for innovative instruction activities that are relevant to the diverse learning styles preferred by learners in different learning environments. It is important for instructors to match the presentations with the nature of course that the students are taking. This has been done in the college by providing appropriate learning methods, strategies and context instead of matching individual preferences. The type of style to be used in different learning situations should be determined by the type of content to be learnt or the objectives of the instruction. The learners’ preferred style is then used to adjust the essential learning strategies. This has successfully been accomplished in our college (Merrill, 2000).


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