Free Custom «Work and Women» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Work and Women» Essay Paper

Women have always worked whether paid or unpaid. All the same there is a big difference between men and women in work. In almost every country in the world, working conditions, working hours, and payment there is a blatant disparity. While women make 40% of the global paid face they only earn 26% of the worlds incomeas much of what they do in the unpaid sector and that is the informal setting, excluding them from national development strategies. In the world the gender gap in wages is noteasy to determine. This is because there is lack of comprehensive data. In the industrial and services sector, this gap is between 54% and 97% with an average of 78%. This difference in work patterns between men and women and the work that women do is not visible hence not included in the GNP leading to women having lower access to resorces and opportunities. This on the other hand leads to lack of attention inthe economic policies adding inequalities and perpetuating gender gaps.

Why is it that fewer mothers want a full time job? According to Pew Research Center Survey, among working mothers with minor children many mothers considers parttime jobs are ideal for them . this is contrary to what the reseachers got in 1997. Unlike women, men feel that full time jobs are best for them. The question arising is whether women should work full time or full time. Many people in the society think that women should work full time just as men do. However this is when we consider pay jobs but on the other hand women do alot of work which is unpaid. While the society feels that some jobs like cleaning and other chores are for women I feel that we should address this issue since it is affecting the whole society. Those women who do not have white collar jobs think that their collegues who are doing these jobs as if they are overtaking men and they percieve this as a bad idea. There are also differences in the way working women and at-home women assess the job they're doing as parents. Mothers working full-time give themselves slightly lower ratings as parents, on average, than do at-home mothers or mothers employed part-time.

Unpaid work is perhaps the biggest contribution that women make to the economy. Men and woman pay the same high prices for food, gas, but women often bear expenses that men, with higher incomes, do not.With 8 in 10 single parent families being headed by women, it is women who have to balance the dual roles of work and parenting - not men. When dead-beat dads fail to pay child support, many women have to pick up the tab by taking on additional, low-wage jobs to try and make ends meet.Nearly every state in the U.S. has now cut funding and programs that once helped women enforce their child support awards, trained them to re-enter the workforce, and Congress has even severely cut funding to women's business development centers beginning in 2009.Because of loopholes, changes in child support laws, and fewer affordable legal resources for women, an increasing number of men are defaulting on child support. This means more ladies pay all or large amount, to provide for these families. On the other hand women pay higher insurance premiums and more health care costs than men who dont pay for birth control or maternity charges for their kids. According to Nannerl Keohane, a Stanford Faculty member, Although a few women in public office have tried to improve opportunities for others by instituting better child care arrangements and introducing flexible work schedules, many women in high-powered jobs are less inclined to acknowledge the challenges that ambitious women with families face. "Some of them just don't get it; others get it very well but have made a decision that taking up 'women's issues' is a sure-fire way to get branded as not serious about your work, not really 'one of the guys' at all," she said

Equality in the work places is something that is not well dealt with. But why dont we have equality? I think that all developed organizations should support progress towards more equal relations between men and women. Women empowerment is critical to advancing gender equality.since women are a majority among the worlds poorest and as they are disadvantaged, it is necessary to take specific measures to address the issue of power imbalance between men and women. This however can only be achived through partnership between men and women. Gender equality will have agreat impact in the society but both men and women have a role in changing th attitude and behaviors of the society by transforming ideas. In addition, all those holding senior management or work with developmentcooperation accountable for the implementation of the gender equality policy should try and work hard on this.

Do women experience sexual harrasment in work places? Sexual harrasment is intimidition or bullying of sexual nature. It can also be inappropriate promise of other things in exchange for sex. For many organisation protection against sexual harrasment is one of the key goals. How do sexual harrasment affect women in their work places? Women who have been through sexual harrasment at the work place tend to leave the organization. This according to reseachers is a matter of having no outlet and not an act of control of power. There are also some factors which lead women to staying in their workplaces despite being harrased ,this is because they believe they can change this organisation to a better place of work. However political organizations where women know that they cannot alter the situation , they tend to quit thir jobs rather than fight.

Vertical segregation is where men and women are empolyed in same occupations . however men do the more skilled jobs, responsible or better paid. This is evident iin the teaching proffesion where more principals are men while majority of the teachers are actually women, majority of doctors in a hospital are men and the majority of nurses are women.

It is good to acknoledge the women in our society do. That way we will not neglect them, harrass them sexually. We should also stop seeing womens work as if it is supposed to be at home but rather accept what they have, their qualifications and let them compete with men in acquiring white collar jobs. Women should work everywhere, let us not give jobs to men and forget that women can even do better than men.



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