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Why Good Employees Can Be Bad Managers

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It is a fact that the not every employee will be a good employee. It is not a generally accepted fact that the best employees need not be a good manager. Managing skills are different from the Employer skills. One of the important thing is good employees knows how to work for hours but they do not know how to extract work from others. Managing skills depends on how you are extracting work from others.

Many employees prefer to work alone because of their introvert attitude. But if they are promoted to the manager level they have to blend among the employees and need to create an active environment in the office. The problem arises here many of the manager who are promoted from employee to manager not having these skills.

Another problem is the management needs to give some training to the employees who are going to be manager in the future. The employee should go through this training before accepting the new role. In my personal life I had a tough time in choosing the career after completing the high school. Choosing the college is not a matter to me, because where ever we are studying, I believe that education is something like applying our own thought in to the practical situations. I want to study in the college which offers Computer Science in the mainstream of B.S. I want to choose the best college which offers the B.S Computer Science with lot of practical?

s in it. After choosing the MIT, I prefer to go to part time job to fulfill my own needs, however I chosen computer science which is a tough subject. I joined in the Pizza Corner as a Deliver Boy and dedicated my 6 hours to that shop. Decision making at the right time with conscious in my mind keeps me in the peace. I learnt that analytical and problem solving must be very important to the manager to lead a successful team.

Buy custom Why Good Employees Can Be Bad Managers essay paper cheap

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