Free Custom «The Effects of Globalization and Information Technology » Essay Paper

Free Custom «The Effects of Globalization and Information Technology » Essay Paper

In the wake of globalization, many industries in the United States such as the computer industry underwent tremendous transformation. With increase in praise of globalization and information technology, the computer industry has embraced them with the duo promising increase of trade, flexibility of business operations, efficiency in communication and reduction of costs (Baldwin and Winthers 156). These factors have worked together to shape the leading firms in the industry, prompting a paradigm shift in the ways in which business and how communications are done. Globalization has made it easy for many of the computer industry to outsource skills form countries that offer competitive prices and at the same time quality. Flexibility due to differences in time zone has made companies in the United States places orders in foreign firms who deliver finished products to the local firms and thus providing a competitive edge for such firms (Kirkegaard and Mann 98). With economic restructuring taking place, the computer industry has experienced a shrink in the US with more products and services being outsourced from firms in foreign nations. At the same time, advancement of information technologies has accelerated communication of firms in the industries and with their foreign business partners.

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While embracing globalization and information technologies has brought significant benefits to the corporates in the computer industry, it seems that the society has gained less. The increase of computer companies engaged in outsourcing has brought issues with questions being asked on the benefit of globalization and information technologies to the American Society.  Whiles some research may be focused on investigating the effects of globalization and information in areas such as the environment, the research outline in this paper will look at whether the society has really gained through the adoption of information technolgies and globalization by the computer industry in the United States. The research views the issue of societal benefits as central to understanding how the duo has shaped the computer industry. How the number of jobs and rate of enumeration has changed has a result of globalization and information technologies will help determine the benefits of attained by the society. With globalization and information technologies, the corporates in the computer industry seem to have increased their business operations resulting in increased profits. However, this has cut on employment rate with benefits being transferred to the nations where outsourcing is done. The corporate players have also realigned their roles by proving design development and management while the firms providing outsourcing do develop and manufacture the products (Mohr, Sengupta and Slater 159).

A fair globalization is an article written by Susan Hayter and looks at the relationship that has exist between globalization and inequality in the society. The article looks at the disparity in the earnings of individuals in the society. This article provides a better focus on the issue of globalization has the reason for the existence of a fault line between the different earning levels present in the society. This is article is useful with its spotlighting on globalization as a causal factor, contrary to what other literature have focused. This article gives insight into the fall in the national income that is been out into the labor and how that globalization has contributed to the weakening of labor’s bargaining power (Hayter 28). Container ports, local benefits and transportation worker earnings, an article written by Peter Hall looks at the changes experienced in the employment sector due to the shifting nature of work in the ports and other related goods handling spheres. The article provides more insight that leads to the understanding off the actual share of economic benefits obtained by port cities that are engaged in the movement of international goods as a result of globalization. Although the article speaks more on the nature of goods flow between the ports, it does also account of the variation in wages of the employees who work at the docks. Transforming enterprise is a book written by Dutton and is centered on how information and communication technology has reshape the economic and social landscape. The article provides a critical understanding of the impacts of information technology on the society at numerous dimensions. Despite the fact that the book account on a wide array of implications, it does mention the effect of information technology on sectors such as the computer industry (Dutton 44).

The research will be conducted on a number of selected firms that who’s areas fall under computing while at the same time engaging in globalization while using information technologies. In these firms, data will be collected regarding variables of interest such as enumeration rates of workers, number of employees employed and the rate of placement. Interview will also be conducted for a suitable sample size of employees where individuals will be asked to provide their views on the effects of globalization operations and information technology to their society.

Through the carrying out of the research, a number of questions will be answered from the analysis the research data as well as the interpretation of the research findings. The research upon its completion will answer questions regarding the role of the American corporations as well as other private sector in influencing the globalization and adoption of the information technologies. The question of the government’s and civil society’s role at all levels towards globalization and use of   information technology will also be addressed by the research.


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